Personal grooming in the hot weather.

This is a photo of Murphy and Jeff. Mum and Dad got my sister to shave his coat during this hot weather. She has a couple of mini schnauzers and she does their coats herself every 6 weeks or so. Personally, I think Murphy looks like an abomination… not like a Cavalier at all. But he was so much more comfortable than young Jeffrey. This got me thinking…

You see, even though Poppy (on the left) and Jeff are litter brother and sister, they have totally different coats. Poppy is one of those annoying women who never have a bad hair day, while poor old Jeff has a coat that grows like crazy, is a bit fly-away and tangles. These summer days are a lot tougher on him than on Mrs Popplesfield. So yesterday I picked up the phone and had a quick chat to my sister. Five minutes later we were in the car and driving to the Peninsula.

Poppy didn’t need anything doing to her coat. She’s utterly beautiful just as she is, as you can see. But young Jeff is now sporting a schnauzer coat, just like his two cousins Gus and Tilly. The one stipulation I made was that we left his ears alone, so he still looks like a Cavalier. We can’t mess with his sweet face!

He looks like he’s wearing spotted cow hide.

He has fringing on his legs and a fluffy tail to wag, but everything else was shaved off. Her clippers swent through his coat like a knife through butter.

But he still looks gorgeous. He’s much happier today in this 36C/97F heat, too.

NON-Thermomix recipe: Egyptian Koshari. This was a recipe I found on the Simple Savings forum and thought I’d try it. My modifications are in bold.

This is an everyday food in Egypt. It’s easy to make, tasty, filling and nutritious. DH asked me to make it for him (haven’t made it in a while) so thought I’d share the recipe. Very SS.

1 cup lentils (brown) I had a tin of brown lentils I’d had sitting there for years… used it.
water and salt
1 cup raw elbow macaroni, or egg noodles
1 cup raw rice (basmati is traditional, but I use whatever I’ve got)
1 cup drained canned chick peas…I used chick peas I’d cooked, bagged and frozen.
1 Tab olive oil
1 large onion, sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 chilli, seeded and minced (I use capsicum when DD5’s eating it)
1/2 tsp tumeric powder
1 cup tomato puree I just used a can of diced tomatoes and a spoonful of tomato paste.

Next time I’ll add some thermomix veggie stock.. just occurred to me now!

Cook lentils in salted water until tender then drain and set aside.
Cook pasta and drain.
Cook rice until tender and fluffy (I do mine in the rice cooker) I did mine in the thermomix… I used brown rice because I have 10KGs that needs using up.

In a pan, saute the onion and garlic in the oil until soft and slightly brown, then add the chilli and tumeric and keep cooking until all is tender and a bit caramelised. Add and heat the tomato puree.

Serve: Mix the lentils, pasta, rice and chickpeas together and reheat (microwave works fine). Put some into a bowl, then pour over some of the tomato mixture. Add salt to taste, and some finely chopped chillis if you want some heat. You can also serve it with some garlic infused white vinegar.
(Copied from the Simple Savings website).

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2 Responses to Personal grooming in the hot weather.

  1. krismakes says:

    OMG that first photo is like my Bella and Charlie lol but of course only in colouring, they have such individual looks don’t they!

  2. scottsabode says:

    Murphy looks like a skinhead.

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