Independence Days Saturday: Week 2

Week 2 down! Here’s what happened here over the last week:

1. Plant Something:

1. Mushroom plant

2. Lime Balm.

3. A chook.

2. Harvest Something:

1. I found that my dwarf nectarine has nectarines. 🙂 2. Eggs. 3. An apple cucumber 4. Beans. 5. Strawberries.

3. Preserve Something: ummmm……

4. Waste Not:

1. One of the Australorps died so I got Evan18 to bury her in the front garden.

2. Brought home some bread rolls that a woman made when I trained some new consultants and had them for breakfast. Used up some herb and garlic dip from training too.

3. Had 2 bananas that were looking sad so made banana muffins (yuck) for the boys.

5. Want Not:

1. Allocated my shares for my SMSF-lite.

2. Organised my Insurances.

6. Cook Something New:

1. Egyptian Koshari: I loved this. So tasty, filling and cheap as chips. Got the recipe from Simple Savings forum.

2. Banana-Choc-Chia Muffins. Ugh!!! Do you know how HORRIBLE banana muffins smell while they’re cooking to someone who can’t STAND bananas? How you people love them is something I’ll never comprehend. They’re the Devil’s food. The boys really loved these though. 

3. Chicken and Veg Pasta Bake.

7. Manage Your Reserves:

1. Maybe that dead Australorp could go here as well??? She’s fertiliser that’ll now feed a fruit tree.

8. Work on Local Food Systems:

1. Blogless Sandy gave me a jar of her home-made cucumber pickles.

Thermomix Recipe: See above with the banana muffins.

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