Skinflint Sunday: Go on a road trip to meet an English friend…. in Australia.


Woo hoo! Blogmeet today!

I haven’t been to one of these for ages. Trashalou is over from England to visit family and there’s  a gathering happening at a certain quilting shop/café. I’d post a link but I have no idea where it is, which may be problematic as I’m the one driving… PatchAndi and I are car pooling and heading off.

I’m pretty excited. I’m probably going to stay with Trash when I’m over in the UK later this year so this is a terrific opportunity to clap eyes on each other before then. I have the strong impression that everyone else is pretty heavily into quilting, sewing and general craft, which used to be me until I started the thermomix business.

Maybe I’ll start some knitting today and bring it along. I’ve been meaning to drag out some of that gorgeous yarn I bought last year and get stuck into it.

But I’m going to meet up with some terrific women who I’ve met once or twice before, or in some cases I’ve only ‘met’ by lurking on their blogs. It’s going to be a good day. 🙂

Thermomix Recipe: English Muffins

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