Skinflint Sunday: Sample pots are a good way to go.


So I thought I might go with some colour on the walls of my entry hall. I’m getting a bit bored with my life and I wanted a change. I saw “Scarlett Ribbons”….

Now tell me, in what world is this colour possibly supposed to be Scarlet? Screaming Barbie-doll pink is more like it! I’m outraged, people. Outraged.

My hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom leads off the entryway. It’s on the south side of the house so it’s quite dark. I’ve always gone for light colours here but I’m going to break with tradition and go with the darker of the two sample colours. Also thinking of putting a skylight in at the darkest point of the hallway. It shouldn’t cost too much… I just want to make sure that I can stop heat from flooding into the house on those really hot 40C days in summer. The dark walls won’t ‘gloom and doom’ it if there’s more light.


And finally: naked thermomixes. Evan18 had friends around for a fire last night and when I got up all 4 bowls were in the dishwasher. They’d had dips and cocktails, I think. Noice.

Thermomix recipe: No recipe today but a blog post I enjoyed reading. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Sample pots are a good way to go.

  1. Jane says:

    Rather than a skylight which brings it’s own problems of heat, cold and possible leaks. Consider the new LED solar lights. They look like a skylight but are an LED light that comes with it’s own wee solar panel that you put on the roof. You can get them installed or do it yourself. They sell them at bunnings.

  2. ginger megs says:

    There are some pretty spiffy skylights available that allow air flow and have a blind incorporated to keep the furnace-type heat out – all controlled by a remote. My sister has one in her Edwardian house that has high ceilings and it’s fabulous. There shouldn’t be leaks if it’s properly installed. We have a run-of-the-mill skylight in the kitchen that was installed about 30 years ago, and we’ve had a diffuser placed in the ceiling to cut the harshest burny heat a little – works for us and makes such a difference with the light.

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