Give me a head with hair….


Look at this! We’re in the lecture theatre at school all weekend for the last rehearsals for the year 12 Theatre Studies play and the kids put Evan18’s studio shot from the play last year up in the foyer to give me a laugh.
We’re on for 4 nights this coming week and the clock’s ticking! We were in here till 10PM last night… the kids were keen to stay longer but we were all dead on our feet so I booted them out just as the cleaners arrived. We were back at 8AM today and we’ll be back tomorrow.
I’ve brought the thermomix in with me to make us all soup for lunch and hot chocolates and sorbet. 🙂

A couple of nights ago I brushed Evan18’s hair and took these photos. He’s sporting a full beard and long hair – a symbol of freedom from the opression of high school student managers and their irrational obsession with good grooming.


First time I’ve ever been able to play with a child of mine’s hair and make it pretty!

Thermomix Recipe: Steamed Pork Dumplings Too easy!

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3 Responses to Give me a head with hair….

  1. Fairlie says:

    You must be no.1 most popular teacher bringing in the Thermomix to make food!

  2. I never have got schools obsession with having hair done a certain way…luckily our govt schools weren’t too obsessive but my youngest did like to try and stretch them….there was the time she was changing colour every week…and they complained to me…umm who did they think was putting the rinse in each time?

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