Woo hoo!!! Flikr is back!

Look at the bagels I made! They’re like proper boiled bagels except you steam them in the thermomix before baking them. Too easy and very delicious.

IMG_0446Evan18’s art installation is coming along nicely. There’s a lot of roadworks going on in our neighborhood at present, which helps.

The fruit trees I bought from Aldi for $20 each, nect to the house. Do you like the colour?

Here’s the apricot tree that my Theatre Studies class gave me as a thank you. The pot now has a blood orange planted in it while the apricot waits for the front garden to be made.

IMG_0449Asparagus coming to the end of its first year in the bed.

I was so happy with this. I thought when the warrigal greens died down last winter that I’d killed them by putting the chooks on this bed. Somehow a single seed or scrap must’ve survived. It took over the whole bed and I was rapt. Greens for pizzas and demos!

IMG_0447I’ve started putting my veggie garden to bed for 6 months. I’ve topped up each bed with sheep manure, rock dust and compost, put a few handfuls of worms in and then topped them up with pea straw.
Imagine the planting frenzy that’ll happen in Spring when I get back!

Thermomix Recipe: The bagel recipe is in the Alyse Alexandra book Quick Fix in the Thermomix.

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6 Responses to Woo hoo!!! Flikr is back!

  1. foodnstuff says:

    The photos have come out postage stamp size for me. It it me or Flikr? And I was hoping to see one of the house.

  2. Snoskred says:

    Why did Flickr make the images so tiny? 😦 And if I click on them to try and see a larger image, it takes me to a Yahoo login page? Bizarre!

    It might be time to do them manually yourself with something like fast image resizer and upload them directly to your blog. 🙂

  3. Urspo says:

    You are the Martha Graham of the ‘down under’.

    • iODyne says:

      oh Urspo thanks for the laugh. Just guugle Martha Graham and you can laugh too. we all knew you meant Martha out-of-the-slammer and still has the money and her integrity intact Stewart.

  4. Frogdancer says:

    Finally got time to pop in and resize the photos on Flikr.

  5. iODyne says:

    snap FrogDancer – I got a lemon and a lime at that bargain price. I just hope ALDI doesn’t screw their suppliers like Coles does [do shoppers care that a 2 for 1 price offer means the supplier is taking the loss under threat of Coles not stocking the items at all).
    I would love to see your Flckr fotos but it’s all so unwieldy going there.

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