Dreams coming to fruition.

This clip made me laugh so much.

Facebook is pretty amazing. I was PM-ing Scott and Deana, who both live on the other side of the world. There I was, in bed with my laptop and the dogs, even before I’d had my morning cup of coffee, talking about stuff with people who were starting to think about popping their evening cuppa on before retiring to bed.
It’s not long before I go to Europe. I was saying to Deana that I’m equal parts nervous, cautiously excited and complete head-in-the-sand denial about it. For DECADES this trip has been in some dim, misty future… “one day” I’ll get there.
It’s along with the “one day my house will be paid off”; “one day I’ll get that food forest”; “one day I’ll have a spare bedroom to use as an office/sewing room/library”; or the biggie: “Some day my Prince will come…!” (To be honest, not really holding my breath for that last one.)

I’ve got the suitcase, the 28 degrees mastercard, the citibank account, been shopping for a few clothes, finding things for Scott to put on the itinerary…. but it still doesn’t seem real. Still, in 9.5 weeks I’ll be leaving on my holiday, where I’ll be gone for 9 weeks.

That’s scary. I know how much work I’ve got to get through at school, in the business and around here before I go. I’ve either chosen a REALLY LONG holiday or I’m hellishly overworked… 🙂 Let’s just go with the first alternative.

Scott’s been fabulous. It’s a godsend having such a genius for organisation helping me on this trip. He’s doing the itinerary, so whenever I decide to do something he plops it in the masterplan and then that means I can forget about it because I know it’s handled. This of course means that Scott knows what I’m going to be doing better than I do, which led to the Facebook exchange when Scott was posting gorgeous photos of Nice when he was there last week and I asked, “I know I’m down in the general area of Nice… do I go there?” Instant reply: “You have 2 days there.” Slightly embarrassing that I didn’t already know that but good to have the answer.

Quick question for those who’ve been to England… I haven’t yet scheduled Bath and Windsor Castle. I have a week at the end of my trip that doesn’t have anything set in stone yet… is it worth dragging Scott out to see Bath and Windsor (again, for him)? I think Windsor is near Bath, isn’t it? His view is that I’ve Tetrissed so much into my trip already, it’d be a shame not to get the full set. My view for this trip is that sleep is for the weak…
Plus I’ve heard of a house that Jane Austen lived in when she wrote ‘Sense and Sensibility’. Or was it something else? Anyway, I think it’s down near the bottom left of England… though I could be wrong. That’d be good to see, too.
Google’s a marvellous thing. Here it is. And here’s where it is… Hampshire. Scott, England’s a little place…. surely we’d be able to squeeze it in? Look at how little the map is…especially considering England is the size of Victoria … it’d be 5 minutes down the road after Windsor.

The house is finished and it looks amazing. I’m so very happy with it. The painter is coming back in a month or so to do the fence and then that’ll be another project ticked off the list. Once I get back then it’ll be all guns blazing to get the front garden landscaped with the urban food forest and then my house will finally look beautiful. I’m not even going to show you a photo of the front garden as it looks at the moment… it looks like feral bogans live here.
But soon it’ll be magnificent.

Well, I’d better go and start the day. That thermomix isn’t going to deliver itself…
Incidentally, we’re offering 12 month’s interest free terms for the thermomix for the next 4 weeks. Just in case anyone’s interested… 🙂

Thermomix recipe: Anzac cake Thought I might make this today for ANZAC Day in honour of my grandfather who fought in WWII.

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5 Responses to Dreams coming to fruition.

  1. Deb says:

    Ah Frogdancer, there is much for you to learn about the size of England and travelling times therein. However, if you aren’t concerned about the lack of sleep . . . . . I recommend you definitely spend time in Bath (there is also the American Museum in Britain, in Claverton House not far outside Bath which is amazing) and Jane Austen’s house. I visited Windsor last year at the end of a 9 week holiday. My energy levels were approximately nil that day. I walked around for a couple of hours but didn’t linger, took photos, had some lunch and visited one shop. I have since been very surprised by the tales and photos of friends. They visited (last year also) and have enlightened me to the charms of the town and nearby Eton. So Windsor isn’t a must in my opinion but there is much to see there. Thanks for your blog. I have enjoyed it more fully since my retirement. Among other things you remind me how busy my life was. Bon voyage!

  2. scottsabode says:

    House is looking great! I’m with Deb on the distances and travelling times thing. Windsor Castle is an easy day trip from London, so we could always squeeze that in whilst there, though you miss out on some London time. Bath is beautiful and worth seeing (I’ve been three times already – I might be able to shove you on a train for a day trip or overnight stay from Leicester…). Bath also has a Jane Austen connection and a little museum so you could kill two birds with one stone. I don’t think you’re going to make it to Hampshire and I think the Jane Austen museum there is probably a second or third level attraction compatred to the big things you want to see. Also I just realised I only have 9.5 weeks to renovate and decorate half a house…

  3. Laura Robertson says:

    so excited for you! What a trip of a lifetime – you have been planning it for at least as long as I’ve known you. England truly is gorgeous, and how lovely of Scott to be your personal Journey Planner extraordinaire. Your house looks AWESOME!!!!!

  4. VioletSky says:

    BATH – definitely go to Bath!
    If only the roads were straight in the UK – everywhere would feel much closer!

  5. Definitely go to Bath. Hampshire.. a bit far. Roads in Britain are busy! We don’t have vast amounts of nothingness to whizz through like America (never been to Australia). Well, we do in the north of Scotland but alas, you haven’t left time for that!

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