During a grammar test.

Morning all!

I’m sitting in front of various classes today and I have no correction to do so I thought I’d pop in and have a chat with you all. Lots of things happening but my blogging mojo was low.

The most immediate thing that’s happened is that I went out to put some things in the recycling bin a few nights ago and tripped over a pot plant the painter had moved when I was on my way back into the house. The concrete verandah broke my fall, right on the bridge of my nose. It looked a little bit like a murder scene. Blood everywhere. Tom23 came over and took me to hospital, where 4 hours later they said that they couldn’t stitch it together and I’d just have to let it heal.

I’m thinking Future Frogdancer might have to get to know a plastic surgeon, but I’m leaving that up to her. She’s a very capable woman.

The only lesson possible that I can learn from this is not to recycle. It’s clearly dangerous.

Tom23 moved out a couple of months ago. He and a guy from his band are sharing a little flat together. He didn’t move far… just 3 minutes drive away. He lasted a full 7 weeks before he bought a thermomix from me. It was delivered a couple of days ago and now he’s happily steaming his chicken pieces and making his soup. Last night he was tackling meatballs… I must give him a call later and see how he went.

Excellent post by foodnstuff about wicking boxes.

Well, the year 8s are about finished with their grammar test, so I’d better hit ‘publish’ and go through the answers with them.

5 weeks to go till I get on the plane for Europe…

Thermomx recipe: Wonton Quiches I’m not a huge pastry girl so this idea looks really good to me. Handy to have some in the freezer for when the boys come home from uni and want a snack. 🙂

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