Wandering through the gardens.

IMG_2459You know that you’re in the right place when your hosts supply the breakfast condiment of champions. I’ve been chowing down on full English and Scottish breakfasts during the trip, so I was enjoying the taste of bacon (mmmm bacon), but the taste of Vegemite on a bread roll for the last two mornings has been very lovely indeed. I’ll be right for the next few weeks. 


The Georgian house was fantastic. It’s a house in the New Town (which is only 300 years old), which is where all the rich people moved to. The Georgette Heyer people would have lived like this, so pop it on your Bucket list, Bek!

It has all sorts of things in here, and the rooms gave me such a clear idea of how they used to live. Unfortunately, they had very attentive guides so there’s no photos. However, the guides were amazing and I learned a lot.


Did you know that during dinner parties, after the ladies left the dining room to retire to the drawing room, the men would bring out the chamber pot and use it while they had their port and cigars??? OMG.

They told us lots of other things too, but for some reason this stuck in my mind.

After this tour we wandered around looking for a café for lunch, but then we wandered into a lovely shop called Anta. I ran a bit mad and came out with a cream thistle small teapot. It’s going to be lovely to sit down with a teapot full of tea, drinking from my Worcester porcelain cup and saucer. Scott, we’re going to need a fairly large box to post things home. The girl in the shop put a lot of bubble wrap around it.

Actually, maybe I should’ve asked if she had bubble wrap filled with helium. Then the parcel would be lighter and I’d pay less postage….


After lunch in Starbucks, because I had a slight case of buyer’s remorse, we decided to go for a walk around the Botanic Gardens. The first thing we saw when we entered was this sculpture. I really like it.


I also love this garden seat.


A hedge made of holly. Not sure about this one, especially when it needed pruning. Still, it’d keep marauders out of the garden.


Anyone know what this is? I’d heard the name but when Pam said what it was I had to take a photo. Here’s a longer view:


It’s a Monkey Puzzle tree! o called because they’d be very difficult for a monkey to climb. I know why, because they’re VERY sharp and prickly. Again, not the sort of thing you’d want in a garden.


Pam’s not a veggie grower, but we split our time between flowers for her and veggies for me. I like the way there’s a clump of flowers at the end of the bed for bees. We saw so many bees here, particularly bumblebees. I love bumblebees.


The clump of flowers close up.

IMG_2479A handy hint in case anyone is wondering what to do with their old shoes.


I had no idea sweet peas had such a beautiful fragrance.


We went to the Queen Mother’s memorial garden. They have a weird maze here… very low and all the hedges are shaped in the letter E for Elizabeth. It didn’t grab me; it seemed an off choice as you could never get lost in it and the E’s didn’t look all that effective.


A grove of silver birches. We have one in front of our house… one silver birch, I mean, not one grove. They look beautiful in a group, don’t they?


And here’s Pam walking in front of me, just before we saw the squirrel in the wild. This was a lovely afternoon. 🙂

I’m off to Leicester tomorrow!


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4 Responses to Wandering through the gardens.

  1. scottsabode says:

    Those sunglasses make you look ultra-glamorous!

  2. libby says:

    loving the tour of the UK. bringing back many many wonderful memories… my eldest is going over to the UK in a week, so I have told her to read up on your blog!!

  3. Bek says:

    It’s going on the bucket list for sure!!! 🙂

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