Travel day.


After I wrote the previous post we went out to dinner at Queensferry, the place where St Margaret-who-dropped-the-prayer-book-in-the-river established the ferry.


There’s a couple of bridges here now.


And some old buildings.




And some good friends. 🙂

The next day I jumped on a train, (after losing some tickets and having to organise new ones at very short notice… thanks ‘Mr Life’!), and zipped down to Leicester to stay with Scott, Mark and the cats for the night.


I finally got to see the house and the renovation in person!


Ruby became a bit like my BFF.


She was very interested in my Scottish teapot.

We go off on a little road trip for a few days today!

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2 Responses to Travel day.

  1. Snoskred says:

    OMG Ruby is gorgeous! How will you resist packing that beautiful kitty in your luggage? 🙂

    My two are curled up in front of the gas heater because it is wickedly windy here today..

  2. Hope you enjoy it all. I like the way the picture of us (me talking as usual…) misses out the beer kegs at our feet.

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