I really surprised myself today. I was sitting in the bus, on the way to go to a dairy farm and then onto Mt Pilatus. We were going up a country road with this sort of scenery.


It was all far more beautiful than these few photos from the bus can capture. I got tears in my eyes. It was the whole scene from when I first saw the Thames river all over again.


For the first time in this section of my Big Adventure, I thought, ‘I’m coming back here again.’ I’ve never seen scenery so impossibly beautiful. Later on, when we were on top of the mountain, I said to someone that it’s impossible to take a bad photograph here. The challenge is to find a way to muck it up. Every shot is amazing.

I really want the boys to see this.


By the way, can you see the snow on the distant mountain tops? It’s the middle of summer… the equivalent of our February!!!!!




At the car park, while waiting for the horses, we discovered that Guiseppe, our driver, had a secret. Our bus contains a coffee machine. He was generous enough to give a couple of us an espresso so strong it could strip the lining from your stomach. It was excellent. I guess this is one advantage of taking a tour!


And then we were off in a 2 horsepower vehicle. Everyone else was climbing in the back, but I elected to sit up with the driver. I always stay close to the guide, stay at the front and make sure I don’t miss anything. Do you remember the last time I was so close to the backsides of animals? It was in South Africa.

It’s moments like this that I realise that I have a very interesting life at times. 🙂


This was exciting. We went onto the road. This is the closest I’ll ever come to being Amish. We held up traffic behind us, just like they do.


Our destination was a dairy farm, where the farmer told us a little about the workings of the place and then fed us lots of cheese, wine, apple juice, strudel and cheese. OMG it was good. I decided that I’d move to Switzerland immediately, as long as I could be assured that the winters were warm.


it’s the summer holidays in Europe at the moment. Unlike my kids at home, her kids were put to work. It was fabulous. The older one played a couple of songs…


… while the younger ones served the dishes and picked up the empty glasses once we were done. It was lovely to see the whole family pulling together.


She had a pot of Edelweiss by the front door of the barn.


She also had the first dog pat of the day who was walking past the barn when we came out. Meet Margaret.


Then we went up to the top of Mt Pilatus. This is the mountain that looks like a man’s face that I showed you yesterday. We went up by gondolas, which are used all year round for the ski slopes, but in the way down we used the cog railway. This is the world’s steepest cogwheel railway and the views were spectacular.

The next few photos aren’t going to be in order, as I took lots and I’ve selected some of them to show you. Keep in mind that the camera can never seem to do justice to a vista.



Look at the church!! It’s perched on the mountaintop in the middle of nowhere.

Actually, when I saw it, I remembered the story of Heidi. Mum gave me the book when I went into hospital to have my tonsils removed when I was 6 or 7. Heidi and her grandfather would’ve lived somewhere just as remote, I suppose.



And soon we were far above it. This was in the gondola near the ski slopes.


The red speck in the sky is a gondola. This must’ve been taken at the top.


I was proud of this flying bird shot. Pure fluke, of course.




Ok, so this selfie isn’t so great. But look at the cloud behind me. Not fog… CLOUD.


Look at this puff of white. In Australia if you saw this in the middle of summer you’d be frantically sniffing the air for smoke and getting really worried. But this is a cloud. We’ve all been in fog, of course, but the only times I’ve ever been inside an actual cloud in the sky is when I was in a plane. This country is up pretty darned high.


Oops. This is soon after we set off. I told you they might be a little out of order.


This is slightly higher up. 🙂 Look at the angles. Can you imagine how much pressure the Earth was undergoing to create mountains like this. And they were once under the sea!




This is in the cog railway coming back down. I was hoping you could get an idea of the steepness of the angle we were moving at. I think Gigi said it was 48 degrees, but you know me and numbers…



Here’s a shot from the top of the mountain of the cog railway. Apologies for the jumbled photos, but the hotel wifi is going in and out every 10 minutes or so. We have an early start for Venice tomorrow morning so I’m just going to throw these photos in and hope for the best.



Back to Lucerne.


A specialist chocolate shop. I searched for souvenirs to buy but there was nothing. So I walked home.


Along the way I had my second pat… a black and tan Cavalier. Incidentally, I sent a message to the boys asking for at least a little message every few days, no matter how much fun they’re having. Evan18 sent me a 6 second video of a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn that he was eating, with Jeff and Poppy gazing at him longingly. At least I know that the dogs are ok and that there’s at least some food left in the house.


I nearly forgot! We also stopped at the Lion monument. I assumed it was just another statue, so I didn’t bother googling it. But OMG no. It’s carved out of the side of a hill right in the middle of Lucerne. It’s beautiful.





Just like Switzerland.

I’ll be back.



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3 Responses to Switzerland.

  1. Briget says:

    This post had everything, cute dogs (espcially the cavalier), magnificent scenery and quote of the day re being Amish. Loved the flukey bird shot too. The lion monument is one of the most moving and beautiful I have ever seen. Love Lucerne and can’t wait for your take on Venice.

  2. kate says:

    How lovely!! And the scenery as well😋

  3. Lucinda Sans says:

    I want to get to that little church!

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