Before we got to Venice, we had to leave beautiful Switzerland. Here are a few parting shots from the bus window before we hit the 17km long tunnel.



This last one was pretty amazing. We could see the change in light in the sky with the naked eye, but the camera picked it up better. By the way, buying the iphone6 to use as a camera was the BEST idea. Chris, who is another Group Leader I work with in thermomix, suggested it. 🙂

It appears that I took over 140 photos between once we hit Venice at about 4PM and when we went back to our hotel at 10:30. The WiFi is struggling to deal with them all, so there may have to be a few Venice posts as the photos catch up. I still have a full day here, so who knows how many photos I’ll have to sift through? I’ve never seen anywhere so impossibly beautiful.


We are lucky enough to be staying at a hotel right in the heart of Venice, literally 2 minutes walk to St Mark’s Square. If anyone’s interested in the tour company I’m using, it’s Insight. (European Explorer.) They have fewer numbers on the tours and they really look after you. I’m very glad I didn’t go for the cheapest option for this one. ‘Skinflint Sundays’ enabled me to go for the gold here!

We got onto the water taxis and started moving off. To my amazement, there was only one other person standing at the back of the boat with me, so we could have an unimpeded view when we rounded the corner and saw Venice. As the boat picked up speed my hat blew off. I caught it, waved it in the air and yelled, “Woo hoo!!!! We’re in Venice!!!”



I’ll never forget that boat ride. I had the wind in my air, salt spray on my face and I was seeing sights I’d only dreamed about but seriously never really thought I’d see.



IMG_3722IMG_3717Such a sparkling day to see it. We drove up to it and then rounded a corner. Suddenly there were boats everywhere.


I called for the others to get out of the cabin and come and take a look. Only the people with motion sickness history stayed in the cabin and everyone else crowded up. We were taking pictures like crazy people.

Well, considering all the photos I took that day, maybe we did go a little crazy…


We got off the water taxi here. I walked to the end of the little dock and took this photo:




Our hotel is great. I checked into my room, jumped on the bed and then went downstairs to meet the others for our gondola ride. I’d misheard… maybe it was crazy I was talking about earlier… and I was an hour early for the meeting. So I went out with another couple who were also clearly feeling the crazies and were early too and we went for a wander.


Lots of glass, lots of leather, lots of Gucci, Prada and Chanel. The real ones, not the knock-offs I’m used to seeing in South-East Asia on my other holidays. Gigi said to wait till we go to the island of Burano tomorrow. The further away you get from San Marco’s Square, the cheaper things get. Sounds like words of wisdom to me.


On the way back to the hotel we passed by the bridge where we’d be getting our gondolas.


And with a magical leap in time, here IS our gondola. With our tour we have an amazingly long gondola ride around the canals, along with a couple of musicians. It was lovely to drift through the canals seeing the most beautiful sights, hearing the music coming from the gondola behind us.

Unfortunately this is where the photo uploading ends. I still have all the gondola ride photos, as well as the boat ride up and down the Grand Canal at twilight and early evening. Plus, it’s breakfast time and then I’m going on a walking tour of ‘Hidden Venice”, so I have to get going.

I’ll leave you with just one of the three photos that have made it to my computer. Hopefully there’ll be lots more tomorrow.






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3 Responses to Venice

  1. Curly Club says:

    Great photos, it looks like a magical place.

  2. Lucinda Sans says:

    Did the projected storm hit Lucerne?

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