(Some of) The Gondola Ride.


Here we are getting into our gondola and going under the first bridge. See how the gondolier is crouching? These bridges are very low.

The photos are not getting onto my computer. A few more have made it so here’s just the gondola ride. Venice is going to have to be in segments, it seems. All of today’s photos are still floating around in the aether, apparently.IMG_3777

I was first onto the first gondola and I chose to sit in the nose of it so that the couples could sit together and canoodle. This is why in most of the photos you’ll see the pointy bit of the gondola in front. I love the colours in this shot.



As I said yesrerday, on our tour they organise musicians to come with us on one of the gondolas. We were the first one, then the musicians were on the second one. We were drifting through the canals, hearing the sound of the water lapping against the boat and the buildings, with the music wafting towards us. It was fabulous.



No one else had music, not even the couple of gondolas we passed that actually had just couples in them. (One young couple had wine though; it looked very luxurious. If ever i meet that Special Someone, I’m dragging him to Venice to do this.) 🙂



Being a somewhat cynical soul, I was rapt that we were getting an included gondola ride but I was sure that it’d only be for 5 minutes or so. Kind of like, “Ok get on… float to the next corner… Get off now, you’ve had your experience.”



This went for AGES. We saw so many streets, heard so many songs… I was really pleased. We even went out onto the Grand Canal towards the end. It was a totally different feel to being on it earlier that day in a water taxi.



It’s difficult for the Venetians to have gardens, as you can imagine. It seems that they cherish every scrap of green they can nurture.


Just to prove that I was actually here. Both to you and to myself. It still feels like a dream. The hat seems horribly real, though. It’s been stuffed in my bag a few too many times, I think. Dad gave it to me a few years ago but it’s looking slightly begraggled now.



Love the gold in the water.



Our gondalier was far better looking! Apparently you can only be a gondalier if someone in your family has been one. It’s not something that you can just rock up to Venice, grab a gondola and start doing. It’s a family business… and only for men.



You know how I take pictures of veggie gardens whenever I see them? Here’s one.



I’m guessing this is someone’s very old ‘garage’ door. I love the different textures of the buildings here.



Venice is built on 120 islands, with natural canals. Because the canals are curved, so are the buildings. They follow the line of the water.



Here’s our gondalier. Every now and then he’d break into song along with the musicians playing and he’d sing a line or two of the song, or just go “la lala la”. It was fun.



We had our ride at about 6:30. The fierce heat had gone from the day but it was still warm and the sun was just starting to get lower in the sky. The colours of Venice as you see them ride over the water and incredibly warm and inviting. All terracotta-ry, yellows, whites, beiges and pinks.



Scaffolding on the building to the left. There’s a fair bit of scaffolding in Venice, as buildings this old need to be restored. If ever my photos load up I’ll be able to show you.





The water entrance to a big hotel.



Now this just seemed wrong…



And here is the last of the photos that have made it. Someone’s front door. There are more photos to come but I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my gondola ride. It was an amazingly wonderful experience.




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5 Responses to (Some of) The Gondola Ride.

  1. libby says:

    I loved Venice! one place I definately would like to return to visit. thanks for sharing your journey its like Im getting a mini tour myself

  2. Kelly says:

    We went to Italy a few years ago, but didn’t make it to Venice. A return trip might be in order…..
    Looking forward to the next batch of photos that “land” ;). Have a great day/evening

  3. Lucinda Sans says:

    I’ve definitely enjoyed your photos. And now I’m all caught up on your trip. It’s been a great binge of travel blog reading. Looking forward to more.

  4. kate says:

    Great Photos. Although you seem to be turning into some sort of “spendthrift”!! Dance on Froggy.

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