The rest of my first night in Venice.

Well, Venice and Rome are interesting, but their internet connections are shocking. It’s taken till Florence to enable me to get my photos uploaded onto the computer.



Ok! Just to refresh your memory, I’ll pop up some more of the gondola ride.


Gondolas are still made by hand, from 8 different types of wood. They last around 25 years.






This is the back door, or maybe ‘tradesman’s entrance’ of a major hotel.



The edge of the canal. The buildings really do end at the water.




Another veggie garden shot.



This couple were enjoying the ambience… and our music. Remember how I said that Insight also included musicians with us? It was lovely to drift through and hear the music.


Then suddenly we turned a corner and we were out in the grand Canal. I didn’t expect this!



Here’s the gondola following ours with the guiarist and the singer on board.



Once we reluctantly climbed off, we made our way through St Mark’s Square to the restaurant. It’s true that there are pigeons in St Mark’s Square! It’s far larger than I thought it would be.

The restaurant overlooked the Grand Canal. By this time all the people from the cruise ships and the cheaper tours who have their hotels on the mainland had departed so the streets, while still populated, were nowhere near as crowded as they were when we arrived. It was still very warm but when the drinks arrived, even the red wine was chilled. It was lovely!


After dinner most of us signed up for the cruise along the Grand Canal, seeing the buildings in lights. This was in a powered boat (can’t remember the name of it) and it was great. Just before we came out to dinner Gigi handed us a ‘vox’, which is a little transmitter with an earpiece. You switch it on and then you can hear everything she says. It’s great for walking tours or when a group is in a crowded place because you don’t have to stick to the guide like glue but you still get all the information.


She (Gigi) said that she wanted to experiment with using it on the cruise. Seeing as we’re a small group of 21, we were only on 2 boats that stick pretty close together, so she wanted to see if the vox would carry. As luck would have it, she got onto our boat, so we heard everything she said, (the others heard bits) so instead of just floating by pretty buildings, we got to hear about some of them.




Then we walked back to the sqauer and listened to the band while drinking Bellinis.

A full day in Venice tomorrow!


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2 Responses to The rest of my first night in Venice.

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    You have painted such a beautiful picture. I know these memories will stay with you. But you’ve also given me a great trip.

  2. nicole says:

    Bellini’s… Did you get good and sloshed 😉
    We’re living the life over here, too. Removing wallpaper makes me feel so glam 😀 (One room almost done. The stuff is just cemented on…..

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