Pisa, Monaco and Nice



First stop of the day was Pisa. We were only here for half an hour’s photo stop. Gigi says that it’s lucky for Pisa that they have a tower, because there’s little else that would bring anyone to the town!

It was exciting though. It’s one of the bucket list things that I wanted to tick off when I chose this tour. We left the bus behind, Gigi hired a little bus thing to take us up to the centre of town, saving us a long walk, and then we walked through the flea market, rounded a corner and voila!


Do you know how many stupid tourists I saw posing, trying to look as if they were pushing the tower over, trying to hold it up or karate kicking it? I, of course, was sensible and mature and did a selfie instead.


Then it was a long coach ride to Monaco, then Nice.


Monaco is BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous. You can say a lot about the Europeans, but you can’t deny that they know how to make their cities and towns decorative.


Not my best outfit, but I was running out of clothes to wear. I was pretending to promenade along the promenade, like a rich socialite. Thank goodness for the umbrella… it was about 36 degrees and with my white skin I would have burned to a crisp if it wasn’t for my parasol.

IMG_4585The Palace. No flag flying on top, so that means the royal family are elsewhere.



See the slide at the back of this boat?

IMG_4587The playground of the rich. Speaking of which, we went to see the Monte Carlo casino.


As we got closer we started to notice the most incredible cars. By the time we reached the casino they were parked wall to wall. Here’s a few that we saw:


This was just parked in the street.



This one was the most amazing of all. It’s covered with red velvet. I’m not kidding. It’s a velvet car. I have no idea what you’d do if it rained. As Gigi said, “I guess you’d just get yourself a new car…”

IMG_4600Then it was off to see a perfume factory.



On the way we passed by this house. This was where the Beatles stayed.


Fragonard make perfumes, skin care and other bits and bobs. We had a quick tour of the factory and learned how perfumes are made, then it was on to the shopping!

IMG_4664 It was cheaper to buy 5 at a time, so Mark and Michelle bought 3 and I bought 2. This is parfum… the strongest solution. You just apply it once at the beginning of the day and that’s all you need. Due to the packaging, this will last me up to 8 years. Seems like a worthwhile investment in my overall social acceptability. 🙂


We all stood here smelling bits of paper with perfume sprayed onto them, then it was through the cash registers and off to Nice.


I cannot express how much I love the shutters here in Europe.


Blurry coach window shot. I’m on the Cote D’Azur!


I have to say that despite the glamour, their beaches are awful. Look at this – no sand, just PEBBLES. Imagine how uncomfortable it’d be to stretch out on your towel or even walk along it?


Still, it was very lovely to be able to sit on a restaurant on the beach at Nice and have dinner.


While in Nice, what do you order? Salade Nicoise, of course!


Look at those colours. Even the pebbles blend in and look great.


By the time dinner was over the lights had come out and all was different.


I had to get my feet wet. I’ve done it in the Pacific, the Andaman, the Indian and now it was the Mediterranean’s turn. Those pebbles were painful on bare feet, let me tell you.

IMG_4692Mal had a go as well.


This is something I’ll never forget.


And to finish, this is what they call the Queen’s necklace. The lights along the Boulevarde des Anglais. The hotel we’re staying in is directly on the beach, which pleases some of the group as they want to spend the day swimming. But I have other plans… Nice needs to be explored.

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One Response to Pisa, Monaco and Nice

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    I’m with you. Explore! You can swim at home. Though I’d jump in for a quick dip.

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