Paris. I’m here!

IMG_4875Today is the day we arrive at the last stop on this tour… Paris. This is the view of Versailles from the coach. Look at all the gold!

Most people on the tour stopped off here to do an optional tour of Versailles lasting 3 hours. As Scott and I are coming back in a few days to spend a whole day here, I gave this part of the tour a miss and went on to the hotel with the driver.


As we drove off I could see them through the window, waiting to get in.

IMG_4880We were chatting away on the way into Paris when I suddenly saw it.

“No WAY!” I said. “Is that…? It can’t be!”

Guiseppe laughed. “Yes, it’s the tower,” he said. “Just wait; you’ll see a lot more of it.”


As we headed into town I asked if there was anywhere around the hotel that I could get lunch. He mentioned the hotel restaurant, but when I said that I was a single mother with 4 kids and I didn’t want to spend too much on food, his face brightened.

“There’s plenty of cafés around here. See this street here? Just turn left down it and walk a block and you’ll see.”

Sure enough. After I checked in and jumped on the bed, then walked out and around to where he suggested, there were tons of places. I hesitated, looking around, and then I heard, “Frogdancer!”


It was Guiseppe. I laughed. “This proves that it’s true when you’re in Paris you run into people you know!”

He waved his hand around. “Any one of these places will be good for lunch.” Then he headed off.

IMG_4893He was correct. This was a far better lunch than the people who went to Versailles had. 🙂


Did I mention that when I went through duty-free at Tullamarine I bought myself some perfume? This theatre has the same name.

When the others arrived we met up for dinner. We went to a place that’s pretty well-known in Paris… Le Procope. It had the most amazing food, but the best thing about it was the memorabilia.


This is Napolean’s hat. It’s in the left of the foyer as soon as you walk through the door.


I need someone who speaks French to translate the last note from Marie Antoinette.


This belonged to :


And how about this next one?



Voltaire’s desk.



I had to do a ‘Jane Austen’shot and touch it.





Paul Verlaine. Now there’s an interesting guy!



While we were having dinner I went out on the little balcony to see what I could see. To think that at home I rip geraniums out of the ground for being too boring!



Here’s most of us.



On the way to our cruise on the Seine we passed by a few buildings. This golden dome… gilded with real gold, by the way… is directly over Napoleon’s grave. I’ll have to come back here next week and have a look.



Part of le Louvre. It’s HUGE.



Notre Dame.



A spiky church spire that I’ve since found out was built to house the holy relic that it now in Notre Dame. (I’ll show you tomorrow. I’m writing from a day in the future.)




We went past this procession. Tomorrow is the day of holy ascension (or something) so the Catholics are a bit excited.


People taking photos of other people taking photos.


A stylish spire.



The Seine. *sigh*


The back of Notre Dame. These aren’t in any particular order… I’m trying to get this done before I go down for the cabaret dinner on Saturday night in Paris. (Never thought I’d be typing that sentence and being serious about it!)


I’m quite fond of this structure.


I’m fairly pleased to be here.


And then look what happened just as we were getting off the boat. They switched the lights on. I’ve always said I was a lucky person… it was raining cats and dogs and then as soon as the boat started moving it stopped and we could go up and take photos. Then this happened.



Then after that Gigi and Guiseppe took us for a ride around Paris. Here’s the Opera House. Scott said that he’s booked us into a tour here next week. Apparently it’s amazing. Remember Chagall… the grave I posted a couple of days ago. Before he ended up lying down there he did the ceiling here. Another piece of the patchwork is coming together. I can’t tell you how much I love this.


The pyramid outside the Louvre.



We drove around to lots of other places but the photos are too blurred to share. We even drove down the tunnel that Diana and Dodi were in on that fateful night in 1997.

Then Gigi said that she was taking us to see the Eiffel Tower at 10pm. We pulled up at a vantage spot, along with every other coach in Paris, it seemed like. It was raining slightly but that didn’t matter. I tried to take photos but my phone couldn’t cope with it. I stood and had a perfect viewpoint of it.

At least Youtube has a record of what I saw.

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2 Responses to Paris. I’m here!

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    Simply gorgeous. And now you have a whole week in Paris. Wow!

  2. Ginger Megs says:

    Love your pics of Paris – went there for first time last year and just about swooned at all the places I’d only read about. The best experience was from the top of the Arc de Triomphe on a sunny day; worst was Versailles on a wet rainy day getting soaked on the garden tour and almost getting squished in a Chinese-tourist-stampede inside the palace. You might need to get your elbows out to see much of the good stuff. All part of the grand Tour experience!! Wish I was there again 🙂

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