This is a separate entry because I foolishly pressed send on a post I hadn’t finished editing. I feverishly posted more before Feedly went out but I left off Sainte-Chappelle.

This was the chapel built in the 1200’s solely for the use of the French King. The opulence and magnificence of this space is amazing. The stained glass windows are a marvel and to think that they were made all for the edification of just one man.


Each one of these panels is incredibly detailed, with stories from the Bible. See how high up they go? Honestly, you can only see the lower ones properly. I couldn’t help feeling that it’d be my luck if I was a stained-glass-window guy working for the King, my windows would be up the top where no one would ever see them.


This one gives a better indication of the colours. They were all blue, gold and red. Incredible.


Here I am in a suitably spiritual mood.


Look up!!!

See you tomorrow.

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