Versailles #2.

IMG_6057After the Hall of Mirrors we went through other rooms. Here’s a look out of one of the windows. Even when the palace wasn’t facing the street, it still has gilding all over it.


They weren’t too shy about slapping the gilt on inside, either.


The King’s bedroom. That little fence was to stop people getting too close when he was being put to bed and when he got up in the morning. It was expected that the King would be on display to his people.



Nice doorway.


The Queen’s bedchamber was very pretty.

IMG_6095It’s important to have good light in your bedchamber, in case you want to read at night.


Pretty, isn’t it? (I didn’t realise until I put it up here that I inadvertently took a photo of myself.)

IMG_6107Look up!


This doorway, to the left of the bed, was where the Queen fled on the morning of October 6 1789 when Versailles was stormed by rioters looking for her head. Wanting to keep it attached to her body, she raced through this door and made it to the King’s apartments in her bare feet. This was where they were captured.


After a few more sumptuous rooms we came to a corridor that had heaps of busts and statues of famous French people. I was in my element!!!

This guy was the one who deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphics from The Rosetta stone.


Francis I. He was a very interesting guy. He was Catherine de Medici’s father-in-law and was the patron to Leonardo da Vinci.


He also sported a jaunty garter.

IMG_6137Voltaire. Doesn’t he look like a nice man?


Here’s the king that Joan of Arc helped put on the throne. Pity he was such a nasty person towards her.


Henri IV, the guy who said that Paris was worth a mass. Here is is, un-assassinated and with his head still on. I really like this king; so pragmatic.


I was excited to see this king… he was the French king who hated Richard the Lionheart of England so much. Interesting that he’s in chain mail… by all accounts he was a terrible general.


Once through this hallway, it was time for refreshments. Remember when I was in Paris with Heather and Mal and Heather forced us to go to Angelina’s and insisted we drink the most delectable hot chocolate we’d ever tasted?? Well, now it was my turn to initiate Scott into the Hot Chocolate Family.


Yes, Angelina’s has a branch at Versailles.

IMG_6151We had the King’s high tea. It was delicious and enabled us to keep our strength up for the next stage of our Versailles adventure. Oh yes, there’s more….


We emerged out into the gardens….


… where there are lots of pretty things to admire…


… but the best thing of all was….




Yes, you can hire a golf buggy to drive around the grounds of Versailles and see all there is to see without getting exhausted. It’s a very big place.

I’ll continue Versailles tomorrow because Scott is raring to go and I’d better get moving. (We’re back in Leicester now and we have to go and post all of my souvenirs home.)

More of Versailles and Paris soon.




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  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    Who says less is more?

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