Versailles #3


After hiring the golf buggy we set off, not allowing these other two buggies to catch us. Seriously, such a great thing to do. The day was warm and Le Petit Trianon and Le Grande Trianon were a long way away. We would never have made it. Plus it was fun.



This was gardening on a grand scale. This lake went on for miles; we caught up with it later that day in La Grande Trianon.


It had a little water feature of Apollo driving his chariot up towards Versailles. We had a short walk around it and then it was off to Le Petit Trianon.


Taken from the golf buggy. Those cobblestones are little bumpy. There was a long avenue to drive down. We passed by pedestrians who glared at us with hatred. It really was a very warm day. We had a spoken commentary telling us all about the building as we got close to it; almost like having our own guide.


This is the house given to Marie Antoinette by her husband, the king. The court life at Versailles was incredibly intricate and full of etiquette. This was where Marie Antoinette came to escape the fussiness and restriction of court life. Her little holiday house, you might say.


The house was decorated in a far less elaborate style than Versailles, but it still had its moments.


So did Scott. This became a bit of a sport. 🙂


The main staircase was beautiful, but you can see that the walls are quite plain.

IMG_6195The decor was stylish but simple(r). It looked like a pleasant place to spend some time away from the suffocating way of life just up the road, only a short golf buggy drive away.


I liked these gilded flowers.


Here’s her bed.

IMG_6203On the mantelpiece in her room this clock caught my eye. Look at the detailed work on it. And this is just one little clock out of the many they would’ve possessed.

IMG_6206Then we set off on a very long walk to find the farm and the Temple de l’Amour.

Unfortunately no golf buggies were allowed on the grounds so we had to slum it. Thank goodness for my blue umbrella from Hampton court Palace that kept off most of the sun!


Soon enough it came into sight.


I like this photo.


Apparently you can see this temple from the Queen’s bedroom. How romantic.

Then we set off for the farm. I was really eager to see this, as I’ve heard stories about how the queen used to dress up in silks and satins and pretend to be a milkmaid, and dress as a shepherdess in gorgeous gowns and run around after freshly bathed sheep. I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful this little model farm was.







Maybe I could make my veggie garden at home look like this?


Honestly, is it any wonder why she used to love spending time here? It’s so beautiful.



Onions pulled and drying, nearly ready to be stored.




Look at the thatch! It’s not covered with chicken wire like most of the thatched roofs in England seem to be.

IMG_6234I hope you’ll be able to read this. It’s quite interesting.

IMG_6236IMG_6238Thank goodness they’re keeping the grape vines well watered!

IMG_6239This was the view as we were walking away, heading back to the house and the golf buggy. Idyllic, isn’t it? It’s sad to think that something so beautiful, and something that at its heart was so innocent, could have been a big contributor in how hated and despised the queen became.




Then it was on to her husband’s domain… Le Grand Trianon. Actually, it’s more known for Napoleon, because he and his second wife Marie Louise  chose to live there. (I’ve just finished reading the link I’ve put here about her life… it’s pretty interesting. I’m glad I wasn’t her.)

I’ve just had a look at how many photos I’ve still got to go about Versailles. I’m finishing it here, so expect a Versailles #4 soon. Le Grande Trianon AND the King’s Veggie Garden.


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One Response to Versailles #3

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    Wow. So beautiful and so different the buildings look like a set from a theme park.

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