The Roman Baths at Bath.

IMG_6775Look at what I saw at Bristol station on the way to Bath. It’s a sign…


Here’s the street where my hotel is. Pretty, isn’t it?


As soon as I threw my bags in my room I hot-footed it down to the Roman Baths. I asked the girl at the desks for directions to the baths and she sent me to a day spa. Silly girl. Doesn’t she realise that it’s all about The History?

IMG_6779The baths in front, the cathedral behind.

To be honest, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be. It was a bit dull.


But there were bits that were ok. Like this woman’s hairdo.


This is it from the back. Lucky for her she had slaves to do her hair or she would’ve been there for a week trying to get it right.


These are curses. If you were angry at someone, you’d write their name and their crime against you on a piece of lead and throw it in the pool. Then the gods would take care of them.



The things stolen are usually not so huge, yet they call down the most grievous curses on the heads of the thieves.


Just to show that it’s not just Scott who ruins shots. 🙂



This is the sacred spring, where the hot water bubbles to the surface. It arrives at around 40C, which is just the temperature for a hot bath. Convenient. It’s also carbonated.


It’s definitely warm.


The baths were ok, but after all… it’s just hot water. We all have a kettle.

I was glad I’d knocked it over on the first night, because that left the day free to explore the rest of the city. Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer plots abound here!!


I went to the pub across the road from my hotel and planned out my day.


Apparently a sprig of parsley and a cherry tomato is all you need!

Big day tomorrow. 🙂

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