A quiet day in the country.

IMG_6951Today we went out for a quiet drive in the country. Mark came with us as well. The first stop on our agenda was Foxton Locks. It’s all to do with canals and boats and getting boats in canals up and down hills. Read the link if you want more detailed information. I have nothing more to give.

Glorious sky, isn’t it? Only two more days and I’ll be jumping miserably on the plane to come home. (Of course I’ll be happy to see Poppy and Jeff.)

(And the boys.)


IMG_6949This cute little house at the top of the locks used to be the lock Master’s place. Now it’s a café. I like the lines against the skyline.


It has swans and their cygnets. AND DOGS!!!


I met and patted many dogs, but the best ones were Amber and Ruby, a mother and daughter Mini long-haired dachshund family. It’s a sign. (Maybe I need 2??)


Look at how small they are. Amber is 10 and Ruby is 6. Poppy and Jeff need a little sister.


After that dose of deliciousness we drove to Market Harborough because I haven’t been to a market town. Also, as an added bonus, this town was in Georgette Heyer’s ‘Cousin Kate’. This trip just keeps on giving.

Here’s the church, with a lovely sundial on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take daylight savings into consideration.


This was a very cute little building next to the church. It had a little second-hand market under it.


On the way back to the car I saw this car with a picnic basket on the back.


Now this next stop was pretty cool. Scott has been researching his family tree and last year he was driving through the countryside with some other friends who were staying with him when he recognised the name of the town they were in. They went to the churchyard and discovered the graves of 4 generations of his family. All in a row right by the church door. Imagine. It’s almost as if they were waiting for him.

So one of these is his great-great-great-great grandfather, and another one is the grave of the great-great grandmother who died in the insane asylum in Leicester. No comment.

Then we went to a pub for lunch. This pub used to be owned by his great-great-great-great grandfather. This guy was originally a wheelwright, which is why it’s called ‘The Wheel and Compass.’ They certainly feed you well here. We rolled out the door.


Look! Here’s a badger! It was in an antiques place we went to on the way home.



The label on it said, “Scary animal from America’. I said to Scott and Mark that I should buy it to see what customs would say when I landed in Australia. They dared me, but I backed out.


I saw these green Staffordshire dogs. I ummed and arred about getting these but we left without them. If I do a google search tonight and find out that they’re incredibly rare or something I’ll be getting Scott to drive back tomorrow. 🙂


But look what I bought for myself. A marcasite and onyx bracelet. Look at my tanned arm, by the way. This is after being 2 months in the summer.

To be honest, I’m the most tanned I’ve ever been, but when I said that to Scott he laughed and laughed. “Frogdancer, you’re off-white,” he said. Which is quite true and is STILL the most tanned I’ve ever been.

Tonight I’m going to be getting my head around the awful fact that I have only one full day left in England. In a desperate bid to avoid going back to reality I looked at going to New York for a week to stay with some friends, but I’ve left the bid for a visa too late.

Tomorrow we go to see an Elizabethan mansion that William Cecil built. OMG.

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3 Responses to A quiet day in the country.

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    Beautiful day. And love the bracelet. The English just don’t get our aversion to tans. Better off white than getting bits cut off!

  2. libby says:

    loved travelling with you…. been wonderful to revisit some places I went to when i was younger. my daughter is still in europe so im getting a double hit 🙂 have a safe trip home and i hope all your stuff arrives safely

  3. Urspo says:

    I have never heard of marcasite; lovely stuff.

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