What to do on a beautiful Spring day?


I went out to do some much-needed gardening this afternoon, then glanced back to see Jeffrey looking at me. This is the reason that I’ll be getting quotes for plantation shutters shortly…

It was too good a day not to spend it making a little memory, especially as I’d normally be teaching year 8 English at this time, so I went inside, grabbed Ryan20 and Evan 18 and said to them, “Give me half an hour. We’ll grab the dogs and I’ll take you somewhere…”

They were mystified but complied.


We went down to the end of North Road to Brighton beach to have a quick gallop along the walking track.


Murphy the chicken killer is here for a month while Mum and Dad are in Bali, so we set off with Poppy and Jeff in front with Evan18, while Ryan20, Murphy and I brought up the rear. Of course, that was after they all got tangled up here.


A few beachside cottages.


Every now and then Evan18 and the kidlets would stop and wait for us. Murphy was a little slower, but then again, he’s 12.


We walked as far as this concrete jutty-outy thing. It was a glorious day.


Jeff smiling for the camera. Next week we’re driving to my sister’s place and she’s going to use the clippers on him. That flyaway coat gets knotty.


Untangling leads while Poppy looks out of the doggy-sized windows at the water.




Poppy decided she liked walking on the seawall. Just like a little kid.

It was only 45 minutes out of our day, but it was the highlight.


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3 Responses to What to do on a beautiful Spring day?

  1. Urspo says:

    such happy pooches !

  2. Ginger megs says:

    Love that walk along the beach, and it was such a glorious day for it. Didn’t take the furry ones to the dog beach down there?

  3. Mary L says:

    My Cav likes to walk along walls too. Funny, aren’t they? I love that your boys are happy to go out with you. No way would mine do that.

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