Lots of activity; not much blogging.

IMG_7249Morning all!

I bought a Fitbit a week ago and its changed my life. The other Thermomix Group Leaders and I have decided to do a Fitbit challenge to keep ourselves trim, taut and terrific, so while are some are still waiting for theirs to be sent to them, Kimmy is still waiting for her Garmin to sync, (she hasn’t been walking backwards for 51,000 steps), Chonny and I have been walking ourselves silly. In 6 days I’ve walked 104,682 steps.

I blame the Europe trip. I never walked anywhere where I could drive to, but my phone told me that while I was over there I was walking an average of 18,000 steps a day. I was doing that rain, hail or shine. Well, there was no hail but you know what I mean. So I thought that there was no reason I couldn’t get a bit fitter here. After all, I want to be scampering around on my next holiday, so I’d better get prepared.

Chonny is much younger than me and is one of these people who do everything really well. I love her to bits, but I have a faint tinge of a competitive streak in me and when I saw that on the first morning of the challenge she’d already amassed 10,000 steps due to her early morning walking group, I saw the words “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” rise up before me.

I’m at a disadvantage because I work during the day, so I knew I had to be creative.


No more driving to the leash-free. (That’s a loss of 2,000 steps.) No more only walking twice around the football field. Now it’s 3 or 4 times. (Extra 1,000 or so.)

I’m walking to work. Which isn’t as impressive as it sounds because I’m only a 2-minute drive to work, but still. That’s around 4,000 – 5,000 steps in a day. Yesterday I was at work for 1 period and then ripped my lovely dress I bought in Venice really badly. I mean REALLY badly… my behind was literally on show for the world to see. The dress is ruined. But you know what? Fortunate Frogdancer had period 2 off, so I could walk home, get changed and then walk back. That was an extra 5,000 steps. How good is that?!?

A couple of nights ago I was 6,000 steps behind Chonny. I was on the couch, glass of red wine in hand, when I realised I was missing a golden opportunity. ‘The Walking Dead’ was on the tv and there I was doing nothing. I walked in circles around the rug, keeping my eyes glued to the screen. When the show finished I knew that all that movement had woken me up. I had 1.5 hours till midnight struck. I could DO this….

I started walking around and around my house. I would sometimes go into the boys’ rooms and talk to them while marching on the spot. I kept going, every now and then checking the status on the fitbit. Poppy and Jeff followed me around for a while, then for some inexplicable reason they got bored and wandered off to Ryan20’s room to sleep on his bed. David22 came home from work at 11PM and there I was, marching around the house. He looked at me.

“I know this is insane,” I said. “But I’ve just got 1,500 steps to go.”

My schoolkids are involved too. The texts we’re doing are movies at the moment, so I’ve been showing the movies and moving around the room. They love it. “Drive Chonny into the dust, Miss!” One of my year 9 boys also has a Fitbit, so every class we compare notes. I tend to beat him, except when they’ve been doing PE.


On Staurday I lifted the lid of the egg-laying part of the coop to see this. For those of you unfamiliar with chickens, this isn’t a good sign. It changed my Saturday morning. Instead of doing other things, I drove to Bunnings to get compost and pea straw. I now have another garden bed with a chook-sized patch of blood and bone buried in it.


As hot air balloons go, this one wasn’t too bad. Jeff didn’t like it much though.


Remember my Staffordshire dogs that Scott bought for me in England that cracked when they came over here? My Dad did an incredible job of gluing them back together. I was certain I’d have to throw them out and get Scott to find me another set, but now I think that the cracks around the base will just add to their history. In 200 year’s time, the tale will be told of great-great-great Gran bringing these back in a plane from England and …. blah blah. Naturally I’m intending to still be alive then so maybe I’ll be telling it myself. This Fitbit stuff should be adding decades to my life.


My year 12s have finished their regular classes for the year. We don’t do a muck-up day; instead we do a dress-up day. Here’s some of my kids in their Mat Hatter, Daphne from Scoobie-Doo, Hippy, Hunger Games, Dorothy and Shrek costumes. Some of the kids go to enormous trouble.


Look at those eyelashes! It took her over an hour to get them on, plus she made her dress from scratch. All those butterflies meant that it was impossible for her to sit down. But she looked spectacular.

Thermomix is heating up, with 24 months interest-free starting from today for a limited time. It means that for $20/week you can have a thermomix in your kitchen. What with all of the new technology heading our way, I’m looking forward to a busy lead-up to Christmas.

By the way… why did no-one tell me how expensive plantation shutters are? I’m getting quotes and they’re scary. Anyway, I’m off to work now. Have to earn money to pay for the shutters, clearly. I have my heart set on them…

Thermomix recipe: Lots of free recipes from Alyce Alexandra. Go and have a browse… it won’t disappoint.


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3 Responses to Lots of activity; not much blogging.

  1. Bek says:

    Nice works on the steps. Slightly crazy behaviour, but whatever it takes to win! I know what you mean about walking on holidays, we walked everywhere and I really want to maintain the habit.

  2. scottsabode says:

    Staffordshire dogs look good. Buy a treadmill.

  3. Urspo says:

    Fitbit? ohoh My partner has one of these. Indeed, when we go out and about I hear how many steps he’s gone and how many more he has to do and can’t we go around the block once before we enter as he’s just short of (fill in the number). Good luck falling down the rabbit hole – and the fitbit can tell you how far you have fallen. hohoho.

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