The calm before the storm.


Ahhh, the first Monday morning after the year 12 classes have finished. I’m sitting in the lecture theatre foyer with one girl beside me who’s making some minor alterations to her costume, while a boy is on the stage running through his monologue. They do their final performance on Wednesday morning and so we were here all weekend while they worked on their pieces. Nothing like that surge of last-minute adrenaline to get things done! I brought Poppy and Jeff with me as well and they loved being in the thick of it. I brought Sheldon, my thermomix, and the kids had soup and bread to keep their strength up. We’re on the home stretch now.

Tonight we trek into Crown for their Valedictory dinner. This is the celebratory evening where parents finally get to see their child graduate secondary school and know that 13 years of hard slog is over. Well, apart from the exams. I’ll be sitting at the teacher’s table which, to be honest, is far more entertaining than sitting at the regular tables with your child and a bunch of other random parents that you don’t know. I’m looking forward to seeing the kids in their glad rags.


Maris doesn’t often make it onto the blog. Here she is just chillin’ on a Sunday night.

My fitbit challenge is going well. I’m currently 7,000 steps ahead of the nearest competitor, though when one of our group gets back from her trek to Nepal then that may change. Can you imagine how fit and strong she’ll be?


Well, the bell has gone for period 3. Off I go!

Thermomix Recipe: Coconut Spice and Roasted Strawberry Chia Puddings I made these on the weekend and still have one left for breakfast tomorrow. They’re really good.

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One Response to The calm before the storm.

  1. Urspo says:

    i put on a fitbit for the first time last weekend; it is still an oddity for me.

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