The dance continues.


Poppy and Jeff are the naughtiest, most indulged dogs I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had dogs allowed up on the furniture before, or being allowed to sleep inside and get up on the beds. But it’s hard to resist those little faces looking at you through the window when you leave for work in the morning.

I would never have thought that after writing about my trip to Europe every day for 9 weeks this blog would be so neglected after getting back. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, culminating in the auction yesterday of the house next door. They were desperate to sell, having bought a place for 1.4 a couple of blocks away. I, on the other hand, have no debts and no pressing need to sell, so the Frogdancer family are in a different situation.

The house next door went for $1,250,000. An absolute STEAL. Tom23 and I were observing the auction, but standing in different spots. He rang me later in the afternoon and said, “Mum”, (because that’s what he calls me),”Don’t you dare let this place go for less than 1.4. Did you see his face when he went into the house after the auction to negotiate. He was smiling.” No wonder. He got an absolute bargain.

Yes, so I’ve had an offer from the developer for the same amount as the next door. I’ve laughed at it and knocked it back. He and my real estate agent are still negotiating. Honestly, I’m happy to sell now if I get a decent price for the developer being able to purchase two blocks of land side by side. I don’t want an insane amount of money, but on the other hand I know darned well what it’s worth and I won’t let it go for less. However, if he won’t come to the party I’m also happy to spend the summer landscaping and painting, then putting it up for sale sometime in the new year. I’m loose like a goose.

It’s been fun looking at houses. So far I see The Perfect House For Us about once a week. The people at work are laughing at me, saying, “You’re easy to please!” How ridiculous. Of course I’m not. I’m a reasonable woman. I merely require the TPHFU to be:

1.within walking distance of a station (for Ryan21, Even19 and possible peak oil doomage situations). *nods to foodnstuff*

2. 4 bedrooms.

3. 2 living areas.

4. It should have a lemon tree. LOL. This was a joke at work… now they ask me “Does it have a lemon tree?” whenever I find a new TPHFU.  A surprising number of them do. What I really want is enough space around the place to have a working garden to feed us. Space for water tanks etc. (I saw a place with a lap pool… now that’d be good. I’d be as fit as a fiddle in no time, assuming I’d actually use it. But sadly, this feature is not essential.)

5. Wooden floorboards. Real ones, not those nasty floating floors. And no tiled living areas. Hate that.

6. Room for chickens and dogs and cats. And a lemon tree.

7. I’d really like a walk in robe and ensuite, but I’ve lived without these all my life so this isn’t essential. I like the storage you could have in a WIR though… I could play hide and seek with Poppy and Jeff and they’d never find me.

8. To not be too far away from work. I’m used to a 2-minute commute by car and a 12-minute commute by walking so any ‘normal’ commute is going to come as a shock to the system. I drove down Nepean Highway to go to a Thermomix business meeting in Mt Eliza and decided that if we move down that way, then Edithvale would be the furthest point. Chelsea just started to feel like I’d driven too damned far. Huntingdale/Clayton/Oakleigh East…. seeing as we don’t have a firm preference I’m casting my net wide. Requirement number 1 is limiting my options somewhat, though. Stupid boys not wanting to get their licences! There are lots of places that would be reasonably affordable but are too far away from trains. *sigh* People are telling me to throw my parasitic children out and go and get something that just suits me, but sadly… I’m pretty sure they’d find me and just move straight back in with me so I may as well get a place that suits us now, as well as suits me later.

Imagine a 4 bedroom house once the boys leave… 1 for me; 1 for an office (god I’d kill for an office!); 1 for a craft room, (imagine being able to have a sewing machine (if I ever track down mine) all set up on a table and never having to pack it away to eat dinner??); and 1 for guests. By “guests” I’m thinking further down the track when the boys start having kids. It’s hard to imagine, but I presume I’d be somewhat fond of them and they’d come to stay sometimes. At least that’s what people at work tell me. Blogless Sandy is now a Gran and she seems crazily in love with the baby. Babies aren’t really my thing, but people assure me that when they belong to your kids you feel differently. So I’d better have somewhere to house the little rapscallions.

9. Speaking of small children, the house really needs a bath. We removed ours when we renovated and added an extra toilet, which has been brilliant, but you can’t really clean a messy toddler off in the extra loo. Something just doesn’t sound right about that.

So we’ve been looking at houses. During the auction yesterday David22 drove off and looked at a house I liked the look of and he came back all excited. IT EVEN HAS A CHOOK RUN!!!! And a lemon tree. What more do we need?

So I’m going to have a look at the place sometime next week. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned already, is that there’s always another house coming along. So if this current place has to be tizzied up to sell next year sometime and I can’t seriously look at houses till then, that’s ok.

I tell you though, is seriously addictive. It’s worse than Facebook for gobbling up time.


Here’s my cherry crop for this year. It was delicious. Filled me right up, it did.



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4 Responses to The dance continues.

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    Cherry looks as big as a tomato. Thanks possibly to perspective.

  2. foodnstuff says:

    Thanks for the nod. I LOLled. 😉
    Seriously though, house hunting is an exciting time. I hope you get the best there is.

  3. Urspo says:

    Do the dogs get a say in the house picking?

  4. Pam says:

    Well, that’s all very exciting!

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