So glad I bought souvenirs.


I walked around the house last night taking happy snaps of some of the things I brought home from Europe. Here are the Staffordshire spaniels that Scott sourced for me, up on the mantlepiece where they belong. There’s also souvenirs from Singapore, South Africa and Bali there too.


The little Russian dolls I bought when Scott dragged me to the shop in Lincoln that sells them. They’re in the china cabinet with some of my other treasures.


I’m slowly working my way through this. She may have been an excellent story teller but her letters are hard going. I’m also revisiting Georgette Heyer. I get excited when her characters visit a part of London I’ve been to. Laughed myself into stitches over Freddy’s description of the Elgin marbles in ‘Cotillion’.


Another china cabinet inhabitant, this time some Delft from Holland. This is what I bought from a little gift shop on the other side of the canal from the Anne Frank house. It seemed to be appropriate.


Deana gave me this and now it hangs from my laundry door. Makes me feel more positive if I open the door and see Mt Washmore waiting for me.


loved this painting when I saw it IRL. It was in Paris at the Marmottan museum and I had to buy a copy as a souvenir. It’s sitting on my dressing table at the moment, though at some stage I’ll have it framed.


Also on my dressing table is this sketch of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. I bought this in an artist’s studio in Venice, just a block away from St Mark’s Square.


This tv is now gone… out in the hard rubbish collection as we start to clean up the house before we move. The frog is from Canterbury cathedral. I don’t know why they were selling frogs but given the name of the blog and the fact I was there with a blog-reading friend, it seemed appropriate to buy it. He’s filled with beans.


My Scottish teapot. I was with Pam in Edinburgh when I bought it. I was paranoid that it’d break on the way back to Australia, but the girl in the shop wrapped a bucketful of bibble wrap around it and it arrived unscathed.


Nicole, my lovely blog reader from Germany, gave me a massive bag worth of food and nick-nacks. This little guy is clipped on to my computer bag at work, along with the leather miniature wire-haired daschund I bought from Florence. My year 9s used the frog as a rehearsal prop every lesson for weeks, pretending it was a pocket watch, which was a central prop for the play they were devising.


Nicole also gave me these little cough drops. I keep them in the car as a little refresher.


I met a lovely couple from Queensland on the European leg of our trip. Mal and Heather were terrific and we really hit it off. This bracelet was a gift from them in Nice and I wear it every day. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received about it.

Today…. the Christmas tree goes up. I can’t wait to pull out all of those decorations I bought along the way. It’s going to be EPIC!

Thermomix recipe: Mexican Chicken rice.  This also comes with a recipe for taco seasoning. How handy is that?? We’re having this tonight for dinner.


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4 Responses to So glad I bought souvenirs.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    I got some Delft ware too, but nothing as nice as those owls. So have you actually sold the house?

  2. Pam says:

    Ah, your ANTA teapot! Better use the bubble wrap again when you move!

  3. Urspo says:

    I like the tea the best.

  4. Nicole says:

    I was so busy with STUFF I didn’t get around to reading your blog in AGES! I just saw this post and I’m glad your students liked the froggy zipper thingy. And I laughed at the Pulmoll in the car. That’s where my family usually keeps them, too. Not me though as my kids tend to gobble them up while I’m watching where I’m going.

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