So I clearly need to do more travelling.


So I put up the Christmas tree and I grabbed the Christmas tree ornaments from the box I’d stored them in ever since  got back. I thought I’d bought HEAPS! However, either my tree is too big or I’d been incredibly abstemious in my shopping, because there’s lots of green left on this thing. I need to go on more holidays to really fill this tree up. Speaking of buying things, Pam and I bought this jolly old fellow from the Georgian House in Edinburgh. Now there’s a place that’s worth visiting.


Hamlet holding Yorrick’s skull, next to Henry VIII and his wives, with a red crown from Canterbury cathedral and a soldier from the Tower of London peeping in on the left. Buying these was such a good idea of Scott’s. He has them occasionally… As I was unpacking them I had so many great memories come flooding back. Having sandwiches and timtam fudge with Deana before going in to see the cathedral. Scampering all over Stratford-on-Avon with Scott to see all 5 Shakespeare properties and the graves in half a day. (And the moment where I innocently asked him what the river that flowed through the town was called. Not one of my brighter moments.) Walking through Hampton Court Palace draped in my red velvet cloak, seeing where they all lived. I still remember the hallway where poor Katherine Howard was pulled away, screaming, from the doorway where she could have reached the king.


Santa from Bath with his dingly-dangly legs next to the souvenir from the church where Shakespeare was buried. You can just see the keyring I bought at the place where Richard II was found. It has his signature on it. Well, a reproduction at least.


Wordsworth’s daffodil, the Paris Opera House’s Dracula, a red phone box with robins on top from Bath – it all just keeps going. I’m keeping them up here on their own for a few days and then I’ll drag out the other decorations and make the tree look less green and more Christmas-y.


Another shot of Dracula.


Marie Antoinette from Versailles sits next to a doll from the Black Forest in Germany.


An angel from the Vatican.

IMG_7360Santa from the Black Forest.

IMG_7361Anne Boleyn from Hever Castle. I went there with Deana. 🙂


This fine gent is from the Tower of London. Irreplaceable memories.


Here’s the tree as it is now. I might throw some tinsel and such onto it on the weekend.

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6 Responses to So I clearly need to do more travelling.

  1. mamavee says:

    They all look lovely on your tree!

  2. Tammy Vineyard says:

    Ohhhh – I love them all. Don’t put any other ornaments on the tree, tinsel maybe, but leave as is so you can see all the lovely travel ornaments. They give you such good memories!!
    I especially love Hamlet with the smiling Yorrick skull !!

  3. scottsabode says:

    Looks great! Though it should be tree, then lights, then tinsel, then decorations.

  4. Urspo says:

    I enjoy seeing other people’s ornaments. The ones with memories attached to them are the best ones.

  5. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    The tree looks terrific 🙂 Do you think the doggies and putemtats will like it too ? But not too much eh 🙂 Merry Christmas to you all xxx 🙂

  6. Ellen says:

    Your tree looks lovely. What a great idea to collect ornaments from all the marvellous places you visited – I’m so pleased I was there with you at some of those. I think all your tree needs is a string of lights to bring it to sparkling life.

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