Here’s the photos.


These photos are taken from the glossy brochure the real estate agent gave me. I’ve always wanted real brick paving in my driveway… now I’ll have it!

Sometimes it’s the little things…


The kitchen is smaller than I have here, but that’s ok. Soon enough it’ll be just me living here. And Poppy and Jeff and Daphne and Maris and the future minature-wire-haired-dachshund Audrey.


No linen cupboard, but everyone can just keep their own sheet sets in their own wardrobes, while I’ll keep towels etc for the bathroom in a cupboard in the laundry, when I put the wall of cupboards in.

Imagine a generous, wide verandah out the back? It’s going to be lovely.

Thermomix recipe: Peach Margarita. Because nothing would be nicer than sitting on an extra-generously proportioned verandah in summer and sipping on one of these. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Here’s the photos.

  1. Looks absolutely lovely froggy, I’m sure you and your boys will be very happy there for many years to come. I was looking at the front fence yesterday will you need to wiggle proof it for “naughty dogs” ?

  2. Re the Kitchen: you can always move that “Island/bench” thing on the end if you decide you need more room. It shouldn’t be super expensive either, you’ll just be adding another cupboard or two along the wall and swapping out the benchtop (which will probably be the most expensive bit). Depending on what that’s made out of (marble or Melamine ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) you might even be able to just add in a piece that matches.

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