So instead of gardening, I’ve been knitting.


So I bought a cat scratching post thing. I’m thinking that I might get a leather couch or two at some stage after I move, because Poppy and Jeff are obviously snoozing on the fabric couches while I’m at work and I’m sick of vacuuming them. (The couches, not the dogs.) But I don’t want the cats to scratch them. Actually, I probably mean both the dogs and the couches here, but I bought the scratching post to save the furniture. So far Maris has adopted it whole-heartedly. Daphne is a bit slower, but she’s slowly coming to like it.


Look at this magnificent purple beast! I promised Connor19 that when we moved we’d get a sofa bed for the back “man cave” family room so his friends can still pop around and see him. I was going to get a couple of really nice ones, but then I looked at the financials and thought…. ‘yeah…. nah….’

So Gumtree came to the rescue.


David22’s already slept on it, after he intelligently left his window open at night with the light on and his room filled with mosquitos. I pretty pleased with it. For $170 delivered this will keep the boys happy until we sell the development and I get my money. Then I can upgrade the furniture… unless I become very fond of the purple.


Ryan21 loves his cowls. I made one like this for Scott as a little thank-you for my trip and it’s beautiful yarn – a mix of wool and silk. I’m currently working on another one for Ryan21, which will make 3 of them that he can choose between. The other boys say they won’t wear them so they miss out. 🙂


I love this cowl. I bought the cotton yarn at a little place called Much Wenlock in England, so on Ravelry it’s called the “Much Wenlock Cowl.” The real name for the pattern has a particularly unfortunate title, so I think this is much more PC. 🙂


I have another colourway of this scarf that went all around Europe with me. It’s made from sock yarn and it scrunches up to nothing in a backpack. Love it. I knitted it as a straight scarf and then sewed up the ends.


This one isn’t really a success. The yarn is too thick for it. It’s like pulling on a cowl made of colourbond steel around your neck. Still, on those extra-frosty mornings when I’m leaving home at the crack of dawn because i’ll have such a long commute, it might come in useful.


This one I love. I bought this yarn at The Shambles in York… hence the name I gave it. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.


I also made a shawl, but it’s a bit small. I think I’m going to have to unpick the end and keep on going for another ball of wool or two.


And dishcloths.


And home-made pasta. Here’s some lasagne sheets we made a few nights ago. Evan19 gave me a pasta roller for Christmas, so we make the dough in the thermomix and then turn it into delectable delights.

Thermomix Recipe: Vegan Gluten-free Chocolate Chia puddings. Just the thing if you need a chocolate hit first thing in the morning! It’s very good for you too.

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3 Responses to So instead of gardening, I’ve been knitting.

  1. Urspo says:

    Alas, hand-knit scarves are not much in need around these parts, but homemade pasta is always welcome.

  2. Yen says:

    I have leather couches and cats and scratching posts.
    The couches still get scratches – not from deliberate scratching, but just from the cats jumping up or chasing each other around.

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