From the other side…


Jeffrey wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he decided to help me anyway. It was 19 years since I moved into this house and I’d forgotten just how much STUFF we owned. And this is from a family who had poverty and a small 50’s house helping us to keep possessions at bay!


In the week we were getting the floors sanded, we moved a few boxes into the new place. Well, I had to. It was more than flesh and blood could stand to have possession of the new place and not to do anything with it.


Here’s the boys’ bathroom. That’s how it looked before the removal van dropped off everything. Even now, three weeks later, the bath is still full of bits and bobs, while we wait for all our new cupboards to be built. I can’t wait till it looks like this again!


My huge veggie garden and fruit trees are no more. I’ve brought all my wicking boxes and pots with me though, and in the fullness of time more veggie gardens will emerge.


Here’s a view from David22’s room. Soon this pinkish paving will be a deck and verandah. Can’t wait…


Soon we’ll have some chairs and a table here, to have the occasional morning coffee here. At the moment, though, I leave for work at around 7:20 each morning, so there’s no screaming hurry for the furniture to arrive.


It was an exciting day when the floors were all done and the furniture could finally arrive. It was a funny thing – even though I obviously knew that this was my new house, it was still all academic until the first few articles of furniture were brought in. Then, suddenly it WAS my house.


With the added bonus of the beach being a mere 5 minutes (if that) walk away, the dogs and I are getting fitter. I’ve never been a huge fan of the beach, (too much sand), but I’m rapidly becoming a convert.


Tom24 came down to visit and we took Poppy and Jeff down. They all loved it.


Meanwhile, back at the old house, Evan19 and his 2 housemates live the decadent lives of young bachelors. Here’s Nathan living it up when I went over there one day.


The lounge room now has 3 sofas, with another one out in the backyard next to a fire pit they dug out and lined with bricks. They’ll be living here until the bulldozers come.

IMG_7685By far the best redecoration is the Housewarming Party Wall. I asked them not to damage anything that we can sell when the house gets pulled down, but that plaster was ok. Evan19 LOVES this wall.

Apparently it was a very good party. The massive beer pong set up in the kitchen was a huge hit, by all accounts. For some reason, I wasn’t invited…


Meanwhile, back home…


Jeff was the only dog for a week, when Poppy came into season and went off to be mated. Poor Poppy! Her initial suitor was a young dog, so she was subjected to an adolescent male who was too stupid to know what he was meant to be doing. So he did nothing except leap around aimlessly.

So she went to his father…. Randy. With a name like that, it’s no surprise that he got the job done. Now it’s a wait to see if she’s pregnant. She’s sleepier than usual, so my sister quipped, “She’s so tired! It’s that first trimester…!” If she’s pregnant, I’ll be dropping her off to her breeder’s place on the long weekend and she’ll have her pups 8 weeks from today. IMG_7563

Unfortunately we’ve had a bit of a Circle of Life thing happen. A week after we moved, Maris died. This is the last photo I took of her, taken in the old house. Daphne doesn’t appear to care too much that she’s now the only cat, which isn’t surprising as they only tolerated each other, even though we got them both on the same day 12 years ago.


Speaking of Daphne, here’s a shot of her exploring, after we had the cats locked in the house for the first week after we moved n. This new place has a cat door, which Daph initially resisted using but is now using like a pro.


I’ve been buying lots of new things for the house, like cupboards and frying pans and Dobby. This is Dobby, our new robotic vacuum cleaner. I can’t afford a cleaner, but I hate vacuuming with a passion. Dobby starts cleaning every morning as I walk out the door. I love him.


I’m loving the new house. Strange to say, I don’t miss the old place at all, even with the long commute.


And bit by bit, it’s all coming together.

Thermomix Recipe: Coconut Curried Pumpkin Soup. This is absolutely divine!



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9 Responses to From the other side…

  1. Deanna M says:

    So glad to see you are finally moved in and enjoying it! I’ve missed what you have been up to.

    • Frogdancer says:

      I spent the double period when my year 12s were doing an exam to write this. It’s been AGES since I posted and I was missing it. [😊]


  2. kate says:

    You seem to be creeping up on things nicely. So glad for you, you are moved in and the weather in the last week has been great for beach walking.

    It will be easier I am sure to sort things without your “batchelors”.

    So sorry to hear about Maris.

    Cheers Kate

    • Frogdancer says:

      Thanks Kate. It seems funny not to have Maris around, but she’s buried right next to where I park my car. She used to run out to greet me every time I came home, so I still say hello to her.


  3. Jools says:

    I’ve been checking in weekly for month so I was presently surprised to see an update. YAY! It looks like everything’s coming together nicely. Can I ask to make sure I’m following properly… Is your new house further away from your workplace and is your old house being demolished? I was wondering why the graffiti and artwork on your walls lol re-walls. We have a wall like that in our house. My sons is a budding artist 😜😜 I’m glad your settling in well xx

  4. Urspo says:

    Oh how splendid. How marvelous to have the beach so close.

  5. Pam says:

    It’s all looking very good!

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