Getting the house into shape.


I wasn’t sure what to do with my Staffordshire dogs that Scott tracked down for me when I was in Europe last year. The new house doesn’t have a fireplace. Still, I think this is a nice solution – the print is a limited edition ‘The Cavalier’s Pets’ by Landseer that I bought back when I was breeding and showing cavaliers and I had disposable income to burn. The china cabinet is an eclectic mix of souvenirs from my travels, family heirlooms and nice bits and bobs I’ve picked up.


Speaking of breeding dogs, Poppy is definitely in whelp. She’s due in about 3 weeks time, so soon I’ll be taking her up to her breeder’s place where she’ll give birth to and raise her puppies. Jeff is going to miss her dreadfully.


Daphne is missing Ryan21. Since he moved out, she hangs suggestively outside his room nearly every morning, meowing pitifully. I’m down to just one boy living with me now. Tom24 moved out a year ago; Evan19 is living with some friends in our old house and is paying me rent until the bulldozers come, while Ryan21 had the offer of a share place in Sydney Rd Brunswick, right across the road from the pub where he works. $120/week, no bills. How could a mere mother and a white and grey tabby cat compete with that?

I’m finding that my food bill has PLUMMETED and I finally get to experience this weird thing called ‘leftovers’.


Anyway, back to the house. There’s plenty of bench space for Uma and Sheldon. Do you like the Caesarstone benches?


Above them is a little curio David22 and I picked up in Singapore a few years ago. The dancing figures in the middle are actually metal. There was never a place to put it in Bentleigh East, but now I can finally enjoy it.


I bought a coffee machine for visitors. David22 uses it each morning for a strong belt of caffeine, though I still haven’t driven it yet.


This arrived in the mail a week ago. EverywhereI went in the UK I’d be raving about “The HISTORY!!!” Scott sent this to add to my Epic Christmas Tree.


My cousin Lynette gave me this teapot when I got married. I never really used it, but I always loved the shape of it so I never parted with it. I really like the way it looks, perched on the stove, though I had to word up Jordan that it wasn’t actually a kettle.


Here’s how the main room looks from the front door, along with a thermomix in its box waiting to be delivered. I’m loving how already, there are lots of things on display from the limited amount of travel I’ve done. My Balinese art on the wall, the sculptures from Singapore, South Africa and Bali, all of the things from Europe on the window ledges and in the china cabinet – imagine how fantastic the place will be ten years from now when I’ve done HEAPS of travel?


Behind Ryan21’s mother’s day gift of tulips, you can see my Scottish teapot sitting on the window ledge, next to my South African tall men and my huddled-up Buddha from Malaysia.

IMG_7753My giraffe from South Africa lurks behind the tv.


This toucan is a watering can, but I can’t bring myself to put him outside. I love his silly shape.


Here’s my pantry. One of the jobs that my brother-in-law organised was the sensor lighting in here. It’s fantastic.


And a closer look at the spice rack I bought. It was talked about on the Skinnymixer’s page on Facebook. At first I was all “meh”, but then I realised that I would save so much shelf space… I’m loving it.

IMG_7756Ignore the bins in the back and the building rubbish – these chairs are SO comfy. I picked these up last week. I’m planning to keep my eyes peeled for a small cupboardy thing to use as a coffee table, but I’d also keep old towels in there for when we go to the beach and we want to hose our feet off when we come back. (Can’t have sand on our feet ruining my nice new floors!) I want an old piece of furniture here, so no doubt this’ll be a work in progress for a while until something leaps out at me.


I’m loving the wine glasses hanging here. Since this photo was taken the gap over the fridge is now a wine rack, while the cupboards are now all the way across the top. It looks excellent.


Thermomix recipe: Golden Gaytime Bliss Balls. I’m sitting in front of my year 12 Theatre Studies kids as I write this. They’re doing an assessment task and these are what I made for them this morning, just so they could keep their strength up. I covered them with cocoa instead of dark chocolate so the vegan kids could have some too.


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9 Responses to Getting the house into shape.

  1. Raelee says:

    I love your kitchen, you must tell us where you got the spice rack from.

  2. scottsabode says:

    Looks great! I’m a big fan of moving house – great opportunity for a clear out and re-organisation.

  3. Ellen says:

    The house is looking lovely – very elegant! The spice rack is very good. I spend ages here searching through the two boxes I keep my spices in to find the one I need.

  4. Urspo says:

    what a lovely teapot. If I had it I would use it continually.

    • Frogdancer says:

      It was very expensive. Pam and I made the woman in the shop wrap it in METRES of bubble wrap to make sure it got home safely.


  5. reneeliamrhys says:

    The Skinnymixers books:) …are you on the Skinnymixers Facebook page ?
    Lovely home you are setting up there.

  6. paige horst says:

    OOOO! (a voice from the past) I am catching up with everything after finishing my PhD degree (literally) yesterday. It is good to see you still here and doing so well! I will be the weirdo stalking your blog to find out what I’ve missed over the last few years.

    (maybaby) Paige

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