Skinflint Sunday (on Tuesday): Entertain yourself in the great outdoors for free!


I had a whole weekend to myself last weekend. Except for a sliver of time on Sunday, when an ex-student from last year’s crop of year 12s wanted Poppy and I to act in his short film. He found a park near us and the dogs and I went down to unleash our acting talent upon the world.


Poppy is noticeably pregnant now. She’s looking seriously at the camera here, while Jeff (the buffoon) is grinning like a madman. She’s always been whipcord-thin, but now her stomach is bulging and she’s so.very.hungry. Stand between her and a dog biscuit at your peril.


We shot our 2 little scenes and then the boys disappeared over the hill to drive to their next location. It was a pleasant interlude.

Thermomix recipe: Choc-chip oat bars This is a good little recipe. It has heaps of variations and David22 loves it. (I made half chocolate chips and half dried blueberries. White chocolate, cranberries and shredded coconut is very nice too.


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