Backyard beach.


David22 coined a phrase on Facebook for our beach that I really like. It’s not literally over the back fence but it’s so close that it may as well be.

I took this photo a couple of days ago, when I took the dogs down to the beach. Mum and Dad’s dog, Murphy the chicken killer, is here while they went first to Europe and now to Bali, so I’ve had 3 on the go. This all worked really well, until a few minutes after this shot was taken Murphy sniffed some rubbish bins on the beach, got spun out on the euphoria of the scents and started trotting off in the opposite direction to Poppy, Jeff and me. Murphy’s deaf. He went for miles before he finally woke up to what was going on. My fitbit read at 6K steps before we went down to the beach. By the time we got home it was at 15K. We all slept well that night.

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