Skinflint Sunday: Poppy’s puppies.


A couple of weeks ago I went down to Mooroopna to pick up Mrs Popplesfield. Jenny said that she was getting a bit sick of her puppies and that they were now old enough to not need their mother. Whoopee! I jumped in the car and brought her back, but not before taking some shots of Dottie and Debbie.


They were 9 or 10 weeks old here… can’t remember.


Two little chubby bundles of fluff.


Poppy was silly enough to let the pups swing from her ears all the time, so no wonder she got sick of them. HER Mum, however, is like any doting nanna…. she loves them. Elizabeth is in wth the pups now, taking over.


Meanwhile, Poppy was in the car, waiting to go back to her usual life.


This is Poppy at the beach yesterday.


Thermomix recipe: Tahini I’m making this tonight for Family Fun Night. Sunday evenings the boys all visit and we have dinner and usually play a board game, so some hummus would go down a treat. It’s the Sunday before my birthday so I may even get presents!!!!

Finance post: Back to the Future: Money and Time Travel.


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