Not bad for a 13 year old cat.


You know the feeling that you get when you wake up one morning and think, “I must beautify myself. I’m going to the hairdresser!!”

I decided to try one closer to home, as up until now I’ve just kept going to my old hairdresser at Southland. $90 for a cut and colour… though for the last year it was a bit hit and miss. I’ll never forget my horror when I realised I’d have to see the UK and Europe as a redhead!!!

Honestly, this new place just gets better and better. For the same price as my old hairdresser I got a better cut and colour and it’s only a 2 minute drive from my house. Happy days.

On Saturday morning I rounded the corner into the laundry with an armful of clothes, innocently singing the chorus to Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’… (though I always change it to ‘It DOES make a difference if we make it or not”… because Oh My Lordy yes it does), and then suddenly my song changed from Bon Jovi to an operatic note, held at a high pitch and at great volume.


Poppy cornered a rat the afternoon before, at dusk, so I put Daphne out to deal with it. I let her back in at around 9 and I didn’t think she’d done anything.

I guess it was nice of her to want to share.

img_7917She’s the only cat here now, since Maris died. She’s loving being the only cat and she’s become so much more sociable. She was always the more affable of the two of them, but now she’s positively vivacious.


This is the Backyard Beach at about 6:15AM. So far I’ve only taken them once… it’s a VERY early start to the day! But until March 1, this is the only time they can run leash-free at the beach. I have to admit, it was a beautiful start to the day.

Finance post: The 4% Rule, withdrawal rates and how much can I spend anyway?

Thermomix recipe: Ohhh Emmm Geee I Love Your Caramel Slice I’m probably going to make this for our next morning tea in the staff room.

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3 Responses to Not bad for a 13 year old cat.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Yikes! I wonder what she did with its head? No wonder you screamed.

  2. Ginger Megs says:

    And that is why I don’t have a cat-door for my moggies.

  3. Urspo says:

    I remember when I had a couple of cats I would sometimes wake to find (or step upon) a dead mouse at the base of the bed. I could tell this was a love gift.
    In the song “Mouse Police’ I recall a line about ‘eats but one in every ten; leaves the others on the mat’

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