Skinflint Sunday: in Scout’s own words.


My Mum said that the council website (whatever that is) says that after Nov 1 each year until March 31, dogs are only allowed on the beach leash-free (wherever that is) from sunrise until 7AM. This morning, Poppy woke me at 5:30, so after breakfast my Mum grabbed us all, put the very exciting leads on us, (my brother Jeff tries to bite his and my Mum tells him off. I try to do it too…), and we went down to the beach for a half-hour’s stroll. It was heaven.img_8246

So many new things to explore!


Sometimes my brother and sister would race off without me…


…but they always came back.

img_8271There were lots of crunchy shells to walk on…


… as well as some washed-up dead fish. Smells terrific! For some reason my Mum wouldn’t let us eat them.


Sometimes it all got to be so HUGE, that I just had to take some time to take it all in.img_8269

But then we were off again.


I love my big sister and brother. Poppy and Jeff know everything, and life is really good now that they’re finally talking to me. Jeff didn’t like me for the longest time,  but he lets me sleep next to him now.


Sometimes if I’m lucky, my sister Poppy will let me swing from her ears. My Mum says that Poppy will never have long ears again if she lets me do this, but I don’t care.


Mum said we were only having a short walk, because we had to be off the beach by 7AM. It didn’t seem like a short walk to me… everyone’s legs are so much longer than mine.


Then once we were on our way home, my Mum saw a sign that seemed to make her Very Happy. She said, “This place just keeps getting better and better!” We can have lots of walks on the beach and we don’t have to get up too early for them.

This may be a problem for Poppy. She likes jumping onto my Mum’s bed at what I think is called, “this ungodly hour.” Poppy loves to get her breakfast as soon as possible.


As soon as we got home this awful THING started moving around and making noise. It didn’t listen to my brave barking. My Mum calls it Dobby and she said I have to get over it because she loves it.


It was all a bit tiring. My brother Jeff and I watched my Mum stack the dishwasher before Tom24 came over for a visit. She says he’s my big brother too. But my big brother Jeff is soft and cuddly.

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7 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: in Scout’s own words.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    This blog should be called ‘Dancing with Dogs’. Seems more apt somehow. Don’t know where the frogs ever came in anyway. Scout is a cutie!

  2. flossy says:

    Good to know Poppy & Jeff are warming to Scout. Love this post – thanks for sharing.

  3. Curly Club says:

    I really enjoyed reading Scout’s blog post, she’s very entertaining. Lovely photos too, I have beach envy.

  4. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Sending big hugs and kisses to Scout – and Poppy and Jeff 🙂

  5. Ellen says:

    Happy to see Scout has settled so well with her new family and I am suffering from beach-envy too🙂.

  6. Urspo says:

    It’s a dog’s life after all.

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