Skinflint Monday: go to the beach for free.

16939331_10209691053168016_4645384439135595636_nOn Sunday the kids and I drove to Mornington dog beach. The dachshund group on FB was having a walk there, so I thought it might be fun to see what it was like. They had a good turn-out, with about 15 dachshunds (and 2 cavaliers.)



They had all different types of dachies, with the most common being black and tan longhairs. Scout was one of 2 miniature wire-haired dogs. They were really excited when we turned up, because Sherlock would have a friend.


Sherlock is a 9 month-old, though his coat was far fluffier and softer than Scout’s. He’s a brindle colour.


He was a fair bit bigger than her, too.


After we were there for a while, I brought out the ball. Poppy and Scout tend to think that a visit to a beach is wasted unless they can chase a ball. Here’s Scout getting slightly bossy.


Look at the intent gaze…


Whenever Poppy gets the ball, Scout ‘helps’ by grabbing Poppy’s ear and running with her/being dragged by her all the way back. Poppy has the patience of a saint.


Here’s one so her breeder can see her topline.


Most of the dogs socialised with each other, but some decided to crawl into their Mum’s lap. One boy spent the whole time happily nestled in a hole in the rocks.


Poppy and Jeff enjoyed themselves too. They got so many pats… they were the novelty item. At first I wasn’t sure how the dachshund people would regard the cavaliers, but after Poppy and Jeff ignored the hysterical barking that first greeted us, and were then friendly to the ‘nervous’ dachshund, we were all regarded as part of the pack.

They’re a good size as regards ‘bigger’ dogs. Not so huge as to be scary, but just big enough that the tiny dogs can get socialised.


I love this shot. Someone else took it for me.


This is the view I had in the rear-view mirror on the way home. Poppy likes to see where we’re going.

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5 Responses to Skinflint Monday: go to the beach for free.

  1. scottsabode says:

    Love the picture of Scout holding on to Poppy’s ear!

  2. Urspo says:

    I have never heard of a dog beach. Is this the part of beach where dogs are limited to go?

  3. I grew up with Dachshund’s all my family life.
    They’re hilarious as well as great hot water bottles.

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