Chasing seagulls.

Scout’s now 8 months old. She’s a big girl now.

Today I finally took the dogs to the beach. I’ve been on holidays for nearly two weeks but another project has been taking up my time and nervous energy, (more on that soon), but today was the day! As soon as breakfast was over we hot-footed it down to the beach.

When the tide is out a sandbar appears just off the beach, close enough to wade to. Or, if you’re as short as Scout, to swim to. Poppy is an absolute bird dog, so as soon as she spotted these seagulls on the sandbar she was itching to get at them.

They had a few attempts…

… but it all seemed a bit too swimmy and scary. Here Scout holds Poppy’s ear on the way back.

After a bit of thought, and me strategically moving to a narrower and more shallow way to cross…

… they were happy.

They ran up and down that sandbar for ages…

… while young Jeffrey stayed at my feet. Only 2 more days of holidays to go.

Thermomix Recipe: Tahini Saves racing up to the shops when you’ve run out of this. 🙂 Just popped some in a jar to go into the fridge. With a vegetarian son in the house, we’re suddenly making a lot of hummus.

Finance post: Sell! Sell!! Sell!!! Sell? This is a post from easily one of my favourite finance bloggers. You might recall that I reviewed his book The Simple Path to Wealth last year and absolutely loved it.

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One Response to Chasing seagulls.

  1. Urspo says:

    such happy dogs, indeed !

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