Skinflint Sunday: Tex Glanville

My cousin in the US linked to this youtube clip of my grandfather. I had no idea this existed. 🙂

My grandfather was active in the vaudeville circuit in Australia, also performing hypnotism as well as the rope spinning, slack-wire walking and juggling. He was a very interesting man. He was one of those people who seem to be good at everything they try their hand at. That was how he caught the eye of my Grandma. He was friends with one of her brothers and he came to their house one afternoon to play tennis. Never played it before, but beat the whole lot of them – and they were a family who played tennis constantly because they had a tennis court!

It was especially poignant because this is exactly how I remember him… I saw them when I was on my honeymoon a year later and so this is how Grandpa will always look like in my head.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick snap of Scout. Clearly, she places no importance on how dachshunds have to be careful and look after their backs. She likes to climb; so climb she must.

I’m hoping to have some big news in the next week or so….

Finance post: First retire – then get rich.

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3 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Tex Glanville

  1. Lucinda Sans says:

    Is that where you get your entertaining streak?

  2. flossypatchedbritches says:

    What an amazing treasure for your family! I think your Grandfather would have been a favourite – lots of fun to be around. McDonalds. $350. TV news article. No surprises there. Some acknowledgement for the artiste I guess. Great to see a blog from you, Frogdancer.

  3. Urspo says:

    good luck with the news!

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