Skinflint Sunday: See the Van Gogh exhibition for free. (Twice!)

We’re half-way through the winter school holidays at the moment and I’ve reached the stage of not needing nanna naps so much, starting to Get Things Done and reacquainting myself with these 3 rascals you see above. Miss Scout is 11 months old now and is really developing her personality – not just ‘puppy cuteness’ but she’s now got her little foibles, habits and weird dachshund noises when she wants something which makes her different to the Cavaliers. Jeff could probably still do without her being here… he’s polite but he doesn’t seek her out, but Poppy and Scout are mother and daughter.

This reminds me of the line “morning fields of amber grain” in the song ‘Starry Starry Night”. This is part of the ‘Fortunate Frogdancer’ experience I had last week.



I was lucky enough to escape school twice in the last week of term to take some year 7s to the National Gallery of Victoria. They run a joint Art/English program for year 7 kids, so every year if you take a year 7 class you get to go around the Art Gallery with them, then watch them do some sort of artwork in response to what they saw.

When we got there on Monday and the kids were allowed to scamper off, I was chatting to the guide about the Van Gogh exhibition that’s on at the moment. It was 10AM and the queue was already sizable. He said, “Do you want to come in at the back and see it?” Not being an idiot I said yes, so off we went through the gift shop, he showed the guard a pass and I was in.

The beauty of it was that there were 3 rooms for people to work their way through… and the paintings were at the very end. While the art vultures were being admitted and were working their way through, I had the place virtually to myself.



I had twenty minutes until the kids were due to meet us back in the Great Hall, after being allowed to walk through the free parts of the gallery.

This meant that I couldn’t dilly-dally too much, but I was able to gallop around and see everything.

The detail in this one was incredible. It looks like nothing much until you stand in front of it and really take it in.

You could almost see this tree move. It was wonderful.

This is a café in Montmartre. I may have mentioned on this blog 2 years ago that I’ve been there too…?

When I told the other teachers where I’d been they were so envious. They’d just gone to the café to grab a coffee.


On Thursday – all of us got in. I could revisit my favourites from Monday and also look at others that I didn’t have the time to fully appreciate earlier.

This was an interesting painting for me. On Monday, I looked at it and went “meh”. On Thursday, I stood just a little further away from it (I think) and suddenly the perspective shifted and I fell into it.

Here’s what the man himself said about it.

I loved this one, but didn’t realise this guy had turned it into an action shot.

It was a little more crowded on the Thursday. As you can see, there were MASSES of people… in their twos!… walking around and getting between me and the pictures. 🙂

After we rejoined the kids, we went on a couple of hours walk around the gallery, where the guides showed the kids various artworks and made them do haikus, skits and treasure hunts in response. It was really good. I love going on this excursion, but this year was certainly one – or two- out of the box!

Here’s a more recent one from when we were with the kids, for any of my sewing/quilting friends who might still be reading. She’s using a Singer sewing machine.

I had mine fixed. I’m thinking there might be a few more quilts left in me.

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: See the Van Gogh exhibition for free. (Twice!)

  1. flossypatchedbritches says:

    Luck duck! A fortunate week indeed. Enjoy the reaminde3r of your hols.

  2. Urspo says:

    wow to all! I was glad to see you posting.

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