Sausage dogs are a different type of dog…

The dogs and I went to a Dachshund meet-up to raise money for an IVDD charity. It was a fun afternoon. Poppy and Jeff were (I think) the only non-doxy dogs there, with about 40 dachshunds running around.

I have to say, in 30 years of Cavalier ownership, I’ve never once seen one dressed up. However, things in different breeds appear to differ.

I started to walk around and take shots of the best outfits. Though the one above is horrific in their choice of football team…

The theme was Christmas in July so there was a fair bit of red, green and white going on.

Aren’t the short-haired black and tans elegant?

Poppy and Jeff were great and stuck by me the whole time, even when a couple of dachshunds who apparently couldn’t handle any other breed but their own rushed out and barked at them.

It was all a bit overwhelming for Scout. Even though she’s nearly 12 months old, she was still one of the smallest dogs there. She’d walk with us for a little while, but then she’d stop dead and refuse to move until I came back and picked her up.

Jeff’s long legs and short muzzle didn’t seem to affect his animal magnetism. He was very popular with this dachshund in particular.

Little Lily was so gentle and sweet.

Another Christmas-themed costume.

After we were there for a while Scout loosened up and started to make friends.

I LOVED this costume on another wire-haired one.

We were lucky enough to come home with the door prize, which was a bag filled with things. By far and away Scout and Poppy’s favourite thing was this squeaky toy.

After five minutes it now looks like this….

The club raised $2,500 for IVDD, which was a fantastic result. A Sausage sizzle, Sausage dog races and the stalls and costume competition all brought in a fantastic result. 🙂

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One Response to Sausage dogs are a different type of dog…

  1. Pam says:

    ???????? Now I know why I’m a cat person… (though I like dogs well enough too).

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