I’m so EXCITED!!!

A little while ago a blogger named Urspo did a post on podcasts. One of the ones he rated most highly was ‘Welcome to Nightvale’. I was looking for some more things to listen to and so I looked it up. The list of episodes to catch up on was a bit daunting, as it has been going for around 4 years. From memory I think I downloaded 116 ps. Then they sat there on my ipad for a while, as 116 half-hour episodes is quite the commitment. But once I launched into it, after three or four episodes I was hooked.

Nightvale is a fictional place, (at least, I hope it’s fictional!!), somewhere in the desert in the US. The podcast itself is the broadcasts from the town’s community radio station, presented by Cecil Palmer, the station’s DJ.

Nightvale is a community where, after a while, the listener can’t help but notice that things are slightly off-kilter at times. A place where to go to the dog park is strictly forbidden for both dogs and their owners, where helicopters constantly fly above, piloted by members of a vague yet menacing government agency, and where librarians are definitely to be feared. The beauty of this podcast is that nothing is handed to you on a plate. Gradually the fabric of the society is built up layer by layer, and because the show has been going for so long there’s a lot that has been revealed.

I LOVE it.

Yesterday ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ was back after their summer break. I was listening to it in the car and imagine my delight when I heard, “Greetings to New Zealand and Australia! We’re bringing our live show ‘All hail The Glowcloud’ to you in February next year. ”

I raced home and googled the details. And as of 12:01pm today, I’m the proud holder of a middle front row ticket to see the show. Whoopee!!!!!

(I love my new life…)

Thanks Michael. 🙂


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2 Responses to I’m so EXCITED!!!

  1. Urspo says:

    You are most welcome! I was hooked when a lady friend recommended it to me.
    All hail the glow cloud !

  2. Urspo says:

    By the way, when you go to the show, many people will be dressed up as characters from the show. They are worth the price of admission.

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