Skinflint Sunday: Stay in for fun fun fun!

This greeted me when I left work on Wednesday. Surprisingly, no note had been left. It’s going to cost me 1K to get it fixed, so suddenly getting to work by public transport has become the cheapest option.

The car’s getting fixed on Tuesday, so until then it’s sitting in my driveway while I take the train to work and stay at home on the weekend. I decided to try getting to my destination station before 7:15AM because then the trip is free. If I can get to work and back every day for only $3…. BARGAIN!!!! (Of course, now that the mornings are getting light again, this is quite pleasant. Not sure how I’ll go in the middle of winter…) If I’m able to do it 5 days a week….ok… that’s a big “if” … but IF I’m able to leave the house at 6:30AM every morning, then that’s $60 a month I’ll be saving on transportation costs. $150 a term. $600 a year. I guess it all proves that the small things really DO add up.

Poor Poppy. Whenever she reaches the ball first at the beach, Scout “helps” bring it back by biting Poppy’s ear and then dragging on it all the way back. This happens a fair bit, as Poppy’s longer legs simply cover more ground.

Scout’s found a way to keep the ball away from Poppy…

My sister and BIL came over yesterday to start planning out the whats, whens and wherefores of the big deck I want to put in the backyard. So many decisions! What sort of roof? Where will the fan go? Do I pave or get a deck? Do I put a veggie garden in before or after this project? (During is apparently going to be easier overall, but of course more costly in the short-term.) The size of the area I’m looking at is 10m X 6m, so it’s quite substantial. Where will the couches go? Where will the table go? Do we put a barbie in? Do we use the one Scott and Mark gave us, or do we get a Space Grill?  Do we include heating as well? *sigh*

Decisions, decisions.

Evan21 turned 21 today. He was nice enough to send me an invite on Facebook for the party he’s having at my place next Friday night… it was news to me but that’s ok. Fortunately I’m fond of him.

Financial post: Choose FI: The Milestones of FI  I discovered this podcast a week ago and downloaded all of the episodes that weren’t US-centric. I’m loving it. This ep was a good one, as they talk about all the ways you can measure your progress towards Financial Independence.


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6 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Stay in for fun fun fun!

  1. Curly Club says:

    I’ve used many BBQ’s and nothing comes close to the Weber Q for ease of use and great results. I use it for roasts and pizza too. Your new deck sounds fab.

  2. Urspo says:

    ouch about the car.

  3. Pam says:

    Very ouch and very annoying. How is train travel free if you go early enough????

    • Frogdancer says:

      They want to ease congestion on the trains, so this is one way they do it. By schlepping in early, your ticket doesn’t get deducted when you touch off before 7:15.

  4. kelley says:

    MPS hit a bollard and smashed our side mirror in to the front panel of our car… thankfully we were able to ‘fix’ the mirror temporarily but the whole side is going to have to be fixed. Now I know how much just the mirror is going to cost I am hyperventilating. This man is costing me a damn fortune.

    Anywhoodle, your deck sounds AMAZING and I hope you survived the party!

  5. Sondra says:

    I came across my snake scarf and wondered what my old blogger friend was doing… and here you are!! Still blogging !!

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