Skinflint Sunday: Protect your investments.

This will be the last time I dye my hair like this. I have travel plans next year and I don’t want to risk getting denied entry because I look different to my passport photo. The hair dye I use is just a vivid dye from the supermarket. It’s semi-permanent so every time I wash it the colour runs, so it gets progressively lighter as time goes on.

A couple of weeks ago Blogless Sandy, her blogless husband Andrew and I went to see Midnight Oil at the Myer Music Bowl. For those non-Melbournites, it’s an outdoor venue in the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately, the weather forecast wasn’t good. A week of heat was going to be broken that evening by thunderstorms. A quick look at the rules and regulations of the venue showed that I couldn’t bring an umbrella with me.  So what was I going to do? If it rained, I’d end up with purple, green and blue hair dye running down my face.

Then I had a brilliant idea.

I brought my shower cap. Now I had absolutely no worries if it started to rain. When the first raindrops started to fall and the grey clouds overhead showed that rain was imminent, I whipped it out of my bag and put it on.

However, you can’t wander around at a rock concert with a shower cap on your head, no matter how practical it might be. So I rather brilliantly also packed a beanie to cover it. (See that woman behind me breaking the rules?)

Blogless Andrew had also packed ponchos, so I was set. I paid $130 for this hairdo… damned if I was going to let some rain steal some of the colour from it!

Finance post: How to retire in your 30’s. I really liked how this post lays out a strategy to purposefully plan for retirement. It has Maths in it, but he makes the Maths easy.

Podcast: 36 Questions. This is a 3 part musical about a married couple who have to grapple with honesty, love and their life together. Oddly fascinating – I particularly like her singing voice.

6 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: Protect your investments.

  1. You’re trying to save money and you paid $130 for a hairdo? I’m trying to save money and I whinge about $22 for a trim! Loved the shower cap idea!

  2. Here is a piece of somewhat happy news. The folks in customs and immigration do not consider your hairstyle or hair colour at all when comparing you to your passport photo. They look at facial features and in some cases ears, as ears can be better than a fingerprint.

    Have you never watched Border Security? 🙂

    I get my hair dye from Hairhouse Warehouse and it costs me way less than the supermarket dyes, might be worth looking into for your semi permanent colours. The Other Half dyes my hair and he is incredibly good at it. I bet one of your boys would love getting creative with the dye? 😉

  3. Once in a while it’s ok to get out of the box and do something unusual like your $130 dye hair. I usually use natural Henna color and do it myself. It’s quite a messy job but I’m used to it and it has good results.

  4. We went to see Midnight Oil when they were here in the US in May. I’m still in shock that we saw them in such a small venue.

    I suspect my hairdresser would try and talk me out of such vivid colours if I asked. I’m curious though, why is it from a supermarket if it is done in a salon? Do you take dye to the hairdresser and ask her to use it? Do they do a test or do they just put it on and hope for the best?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, but I am quite curious about the process since I have wondered about doing something similar!

    • I saw them doing this with an older lady and when I asked about it they told me which dye to buy. Then they just put it in foils like a normal colour. It takes a long time because they have to bleach the hair first.

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