We hope you all had a very merry Christmas. One of my friends at work gave me some bowties for the puppers to wear for the festive day. Don’t they look dapper?

The Christmas tree is now such a glorious memory of my fabulous trip to Europe. Scott’s idea of buying christmas tree decorations as souvenirs was nothing short of a stroke of genius.

The boys always assemble the tree. I love how they serendipitously put Mary Queen of Scots next to the Holyrood House crown. There’s no way that they knew about the connection – their vast knowledge of history is probably limited to bushrangers, explorers and sheep.

Here’s one for Deana. Remember that day?

Not too many people have Hamlet holding Yorick’s skull on their Christmas tree. But that’s how we roll in this house.

The spaniels even got into the christmas spirit.

Everyone came to our place, which is probably going to be the norm as we’re now geographically in the centre of the family. I catered for 11, being us, my parents and my sister’s family. It was a lovely day. I’m pleased to report that I was happy with every single one of my presents… people must really know me well!

This year has been a pretty stressful year, what with the whole building project dragging on and then the decision to sell it with plans and then THAT dragging on…. not to mention stuff at work. So these holidays I’m planning to stay very close to my couch, where I’ll be reading the 12 books I brought home form the school library and the 4 books I was given for Christmas. (I’m reading one now that my sister gave me. A biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the woman who wrote the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ books that I adored as a child.) I have an abundance of titles waiting for me on my Netflix queue, a comfy bed for nanna naps and a very efficient air conditioning system to escape the 30C+ days. To be honest, it’s probably not worth me even strapping on my fitbit – I won’t get anywhere near 10,000 steps until I go back to work.

I hope that everyone else achieves the Christmas break they’re hoping for. What are your plans?

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3 Responses to Christmas.

  1. Snoskred says:

    Going absolutely nowhere, especially today, the traffic is incredibly bad here right now. I’d love to go over to Berry for a wander round the shops but it will be packed plus it will take me forever to get back here, so smart me is saying heck no, while shopping me is saying let’s go! 🙂

  2. Urspo says:

    Next time have the fellows wear the bow ties for an even more dapper photo.

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