Skinflint Sunday: see a musical for less than half the price!

I’ve never seen ‘Wicked’. It was playing when I was in London in 2015, but we chose to see ‘Elephant Man’ and ‘Book of Morman’ instead. Well, Scott chose, as those who were reading the blog back then would be more than aware. But to be honest, ‘Wicked’ was never really on my radar anyway. But still… as a Theatre teacher it was a gap in my knowledge.

Just before term ended last year, a couple of people in my staff room were talking about going to see ‘Wicked’ because a few of our students, both past and present, were in it. One of these kids is in my 2018 Theatre class, while another was from my gorgeous 2015 class who threw me the surprise going away dinner before my trip.

The show was in the summer holidays, the other teachers were taking their kids so they wanted to do the matinee, that sounded ok to me so I was in. The ticket was $45.

The show was FANTASTIC. The performers ranged from a few 10-year-olds up to 21-year-olds and there were about 40 of them. Imagine the sound of that many people singing in 3 and 4 part harmonies? It was amazing. Even the orchestra was all under 21 years old. The leads were incredibly good, despite their ages. Seriously, if we had’ve seen the same show in Her Majesty’s Theatre in town it would have been just as good as a professional show. We had an amazing time.

A little side note for me: The National Theatre in St Kilda is where I took my first drama lessons back when I was doing year 12. It started my whole career in teaching Drama and English. This is the first time I’ve been back since then. When we were standing in the upper foyer I was looking around, remembering learning Tai Chi there, running around doing warm-up exercises, making up our plays and thinking that this was something I wanted to do forever. It was a nice feeling to be back.


2 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: see a musical for less than half the price!

  1. I archive everything. On March 29 2015 I sent you this:
    “Take a look here for a general overview of what’s on – musicals, plays etc…
    Don’t worry about availability of tickets on that site as I book direct with the theatre which is cheaper.”
    I probably only chose because you never looked at the list!
    BTW your second present arrived – thanks!!

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