No picture… it’s too dark out here.

I’m sitting on the old couch on my front verandah. It’s the night before Australia Day. The rain is beating down on the tin roof above my head and every now and then I feel a thin spray of water vapour from the rain. The dogs are beside me on the couch, asleep.

Every now and then the sky lights up with sheet lightning. Sometimes, just to vary it I guess, a forked streak of lightning comes down instead. The rain is hammering down, while cars drive past, their headlights showcasing the lines of driving rain heading for the road.

It’s warm. I’m sitting here in cotton Bali pants and a singlet top at 10.45PM at night. No mozzies, thank goodness. Just the dogs and I, sitting in the dark watching the rain.

To anyone walking past I suppose my face would be strangely lit up by the laptop. I’d probably look like those people you see in the movies when they hold a torch underneath their chin and tell ghost stories.

I’m pleasantly tipsy. Several wines over dinner and then I decided to taste the Kraken spiced rum that Ryan 23 gave me for Christmas. Tip a little of that into a glass of Coke and it’s delightful… OMG who knew.. I’ve been sitting here sipping the spiced rum and coke and watching the storm – feeling like a bit of a bogan because… you know; rum and coke… but feeling so contented.

Last year was a stressful year. I posted so rarely because my whole being was tied up in getting the development done and stressing about the property market. When I paid off my house in 2013 I thought I’d never be in debt again. It was such a liberating feeling. When I risked it all on the throw of the dice in 2015… I knew it would all work out fine… the property market in the McKinnon school zone is fail-safe… I hoped it would work out fine because prices can’t rise forever and they’ve been steadily rising for 2 decades already… but what if I timed my jump in the market catastrophically wrong….?  Smarter people than I have been caught out, and if I got it wrong it would ruin all the hard work I’d done to get us to where we were.

I had low-level stress eating away at me for 18 months until the sale of the property finally went through. I didn’t realise how much energy it had sapped from me. I’ve just had 5 weeks of holidays. I’m still taking a nanna nap every day. God help me on Monday after lunch when I’m in a meeting and the nanna nap impulse strikes! I’m sure it’ll take a few days before I get back into the swing of things.

The rain is pelting down now. It’s loud on the tin roof. Poppy just went out to bark at someone running past, but she intelligently realised after a couple of minutes that she was getting wet, so she jumped up and tried to rub herself dry on me. Yuck.

She’s now curled up next to me, having nudged Jeff out of the way. The lightning is scrappy and less frequent now. David 24 is driving home from work in this storm, so I hope he takes care. He’s happy and in love and it’s lovely to see.

It’s 11PM now and it’s very dark. The street lights and the occasional car headlights are the only bright spots until the sheet lightning happens. Thunder is still rolling over us. The dogs are with me on the couch still, but I think they are wondering why we’re out here instead of inside where it’s warm and cosy and Netflix is on. All I can hear is the sound of the rain on the roof and the sound of my fingernails tapping on the keyboard. Oh! And the thunder that just decided to make a reappearance.

My summer holidays finish in 3 days. I’ve been unforgivably lazy and I’ve achieved very little, but if I have any honesty in me, I’ve got to say that I’m well rested. My gamble with the property ended spectacularly well and I’m now coming to grips with the fact that maybe… just maybe… I don’t have to be a tightarse out of necessity.

Now, exercising my free will to choose to be a tightarse because I’m not an idiot and who would want to waste money if they have any brains about them because the more money you save the earlier you can choose to retire….. well… that’s going to be a path I’ll take going forward. I have a feeling that Skinflint Sunday won’t be disappearing anytime soon. On the other blog I’ve started Frugal Friday. It’s ingrained in the Frogdancer DNA, I guess.

Having said that, I’m looking forward to the seasons tickets to the MTC that I’ve bought. 7 shows, with an extra ticket to each that I’m bringing a different person each time to. We’ll meet in the city, grab dinner and catch up, then see a play. I think it’s going to be excellent. David24 and I are kicking off the season by seeing the London cast in ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’. This year is going to be great. I’ll be taking another trip overseas in the term 1 holidays, so it’s all happening! Stay tuned. It’ll be like when I blogged by Europe and UK trip in 2015, except I won’t have internet while I’m there, so it’ll be April before I can share it all with you.

The thunder has moved away behind the house and the rain sounds like it’s slowing down. My drink is finished and it’s getting a little bit cool. Time to wake the dogs, move inside and get ready for bed. Thanks for sitting here with me.

Let’s see what 2018 brings us all.


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3 Responses to No picture… it’s too dark out here.

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds idyllic so sorry it has to end next week. Just saw this quote from insta Quote on facebook and thought of you.
    “Why hasn’t one of those Thermo chicks found a way to toss in some grapes and make instant wine”
    Now there’s a project you could consider for 2018.Cheers Kate

  2. Frogdancer says:

    If I was able to think of how to do it, I’d get back into selling them. I’d make a fortune!!!😂😂

  3. foodnstuff says:

    Nice post. You should write more. The benefits of being an English teacher, I suppose. (How about doing a blog with creative writing lessons. I could use it).

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