Who says males aren’t romantic?

Before long-term readers get into a lather of anticipation, believing I’m about to make a big, soppy announcement, I’ll quickly say that no, this plate full of dessert has nothing to do with me.

#foreveralone  #happilysingle  #somedaymyprincewillcome  #thetvremoteismineandminealone

David24 is in love and a couple of nights ago he cooked a romantic meal for Issy, his girlfriend.

It was so nice. Fortunately, because he worked in a kitchen in the city for 3 years, he can cook, otherwise it could have been a tragic end to a beautiful relationship. He made a spaghetti marinara with home-made pasta… (he dished up a bowl for me too and it was DELICIOUS), and for dessert he made a salted caramel icecream to go with a couple of slices of mudcake, (sadly, from The Cheesecake Shop), but LOOK how he decorated them! The kitchen taught him how to present dishes beautifully. He bought her a rainbow-coloured rose and wrote her a card that took him ages to write.

He set up a table in the Man Cave, with the Christmas tablecloth, a candle, (that a kid gave me as a Christmas gift last year, but Issy doesn’t need to know that!!), and they had their dinner out there, while the rest of us made ourselves scarce. She’s a sweet girl who does the same course as he does. She’s a singer; he’s a keyboard player. I’ve only met her a few times, so she’s still a bit careful around me. Very smiley and nice… but David24 says she can be feisty and ‘take no prisoners’, so that’s good to know. A woman needs to have a backbone, after all.

It’s a lovely thing to see your child happy in a relationship. They were here on Boxing Day and I was in the lounge room while they were in the kitchen getting things ready for lunch. They were giggling, mucking around, hugging each other – I said to them, “Do you realise how nauseatingly sweet you two are?!?”

Issy laughed and said, “We hear that all the time!”

Ten years ago David24 had depression so deeply that we were extremely lucky to still have him with us. Today, he’s happy, studying a course that he loves, dating a girl who lights up his life…

Life and the passage of time is a beautiful thing. 🙂


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3 Responses to Who says males aren’t romantic?

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Good luck to them both! I remember your concerns about David in previous posts.

  2. Helen says:

    That almost makes me want to have some dessert!

    I agree, it’s cool to see our kids grow up and blossom.

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