Skinflint Sunday: Buy useful souvenirs.

I’ve talked about podcasts before and how much I rely on them to make my new commute bearable. Long-term readers will know that while I was paying the horrendously high bridging finance on The Best House In Melbourne for 18 months, I spent money on NOTHING. But when the deal went through on the old house, I was able to live a little.

I celebrated by buying a last-minute ticket to see k.d lang in concert. Front row in the dress circle. Since then I’ve seen Midnight Oil, Paul McCartney and bought 2 x seasons tickets to the MTC to take people with me to see plays all this year.

On Friday and Saturday nights I went to see 2 different stage shows by one of my favourite podcasts – ‘Welcome to Nightvale.’ Here is a Starter Page for anyone interested in seeing what it’s like. Unfortunately, the only other person I know who listens to this podcast is Spo and he’s in America, so I didn’t bother asking anyone else to come. I just booked 2 single tickets, like an independent woman would. *nods*

Cecil Baldwin plays Cecil Palmer, the voice of Nightvale Community radio. On Friday night I had front row centre seats. Saturday night I was 3 rows back. (Bummer.) He looks NOTHING like how I pictured Cecil in my head. When I got home I showed the boys and they all laughed, having the same reaction as I did. I have no idea what we were all imagining, but that’s the magic of radio.

Here is the woman who voices Tamika Flynn – a young teenager who is an avid reader and who also is the leader of a teenage militia. Click on the link to read more about her character. I imagined her as a Katniss Everdene-type of person.

Here is Cecil with Deb, who is a sentient cloud of haze. She reads the proverbs at the end of each episode. 

The writers of Nightvale, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Craynor, were also there playing different characters. You can imagine how rapt we as an audience were to see them.

I didn’t buy the $20 poster pictured at the top of this post. What use would I have for a poster? However, when I saw this bag, I knew that it was PERFECT to use at work to carry my laptop, books, thermos and pencil case to class. Friday was supposed to be a no-spend day, but when I saw the crowds of people mobbing the merch tables, I had a funny feeling in my waters that I’d better play it safe and not wait for Saturday.

Fortunate Frogdancer strikes again! They’d sold out of the bags on Saturday night. It’s good when you make the right decision. 🙂 I’ll be using this bag for years to come, you just mark my words.


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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Buy useful souvenirs.

  1. Urspo says:

    I am glad you had a good time and were not detained too long by the Night Vale Secret Police.

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