I’m in the semi-final!


This blog competition has come at just the wrong time. I’m too busy wading through end-of-term corrections of the worst essays I think I’ve ever SEEN to write blog posts, though I’ve taken photos for one I’ll be writing about what I did on Sunday. It seems like all I’m doing on this blog is asking for votes for the other one.

Having said that though:

This will either be the last or the second-last time I’ll be asking for your help. Yep! It’s the semi-finals.
(I’ve never been the sporty type so this is the first semi-final I’ve ever been in. 😂 )
PLEASE jump across and vote for me. I’m not even playing nice anymore and asking you to read both. By this time next week the Grand Final will be on and I’d LOVE to be in it.

Game 1… Keyword ‘Mistake’.

I’d so appreciate your help. The competition started with 128 blog posts and now we’re down to 4. I never thought an unknown Aussie blogger could get so far and now I’m feeling a little competitive!

(Interestingly, 3 out of the 4 posts left in the comp are by women.)
Thanks so much.



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2 Responses to I’m in the semi-final!

  1. Peta Hills says:

    Just voted. Good luck.

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